Feng Xiaogang please give the director a bit of willful power-verbal jint

Feng Xiaogang: please give the Director Beijing a little wayward right in the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Li led by Fan Bingbing, Guo Tao, Peng, Zhang Jiayi starred in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" will be released nationwide in September 30th. Yesterday, the film held a "comedy of sadness" theme seminar in Beijing, Feng Xiaogang, Hao Ning, Peng three guests attended the event. A composition alternately, the director is capricious "special I am not Pan Jinlian", is a composition of alternation, especially circular screen to mask shot out very fresh. Feng Xiaogang explained: "this theme was like Zhang Yimou’s" the story of Qiu Ju ", you can easily think together, I was thinking how you didn’t use the way to shoot. In fact, not what particular idea, is a fun, want to do something special." Feng Xiaogang said his works as a debut, learn how to shoot round the picture with the photographer, even spent millions of dollars for the photographer to take a ten minute test piece. For the new attempt, Feng Xiaogang said it is capricious: I do not want to wait for me when I am old pat, I regretted the idea but because of timidity and did not do. I am very willful to play once, but also hope that the audience in some ways to give the director a bit wayward right. If every director can be capricious, the Chinese film will become very good." Does not have the level of various grades and ranks, comedy as a veteran comedy director, Feng Xiaogang said there is no level level of comedy, "whether Errenzhuan, comedy, farce and comedy movies, is not divided into various grades and ranks. People who do comedy are often particularly painful, but there must be a sense of humor, which is a life attitude." Feng Xiaogang to do comedy into two categories, one kind is like Hao Ning, usually a particularly shy person, but saw his film, in fact, is a particularly serious people. Wang Shuo and Stephen Chow belong to this category. There is a play off, like Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, the roc." In the new film, Fan Bingbing to play with more than a dozen actors. Feng Xiaogang said: these actors are a group of actors, their acting is very good, although the stage is a lot of drama, but everyone is very careful to learn the accent, pondering the script." "I am not Pan Jinlian" is not released, the introduction of online has multiple names similar to "lift" works, Feng Xiaogang laughed out Henzhao: "do not know there are so many people around, I knew we should open a truck. The next time I make a movie, "I’m not Li Lianying," I’m afraid there are fewer people on the ride."相关的主题文章: