Finally came the windows10 server version of the low-key on-line w-inds.

Finally came to the low profile of the Windows10 server version of the line finally came, recently Microsoft low-key on-line Windows10 server version, that is, Windows  Server  2016 system. In fact, at the end of last month, Microsoft has been distributed for large customers OEM partners Windows  Server  2016 official version of the ISO image, it is now fully open to download. Windows  Server  2016 brought a number of new features, including the introduction of a new layer of security to protect user data and access control, the key functions are as follows: to expand the security – the introduction of the new security layer, strengthen the platform security, avoid emerging threats, access control and protection of the new virtual machine; simplified virtualization upgrade the elastic calculation, enable the installation of a new option and increase flexibility, help the user to ensure the stability of infrastructure in the premise of not limiting the flexibility; reduce the cost of storage, to ensure flexibility, reducing functional low cost and increase the controllability based on the expansion of software defined storage; simplified network — a new network has brought the network core function set directly from the Azure and SDN architecture for user data center application efficiency; And flexibility, Windows  Server  2016 for packaging, configuration, deployment, operation, testing and protection of user applications (local or cloud) introduced a new method, the use of words such as Windows container and Nano  new options for deploying a Server lightweight system.相关的主题文章: