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Web-Design For web developers, getting a web development platform that would be catering a new web experience is their dream. Before, websites are designed in an old fashion way of text, images and plug-ins. As the internet experience evolved, it becomes more complicated that the usual HTML program could not cater it anymore. While plug-ins like Flash objects have redefined the web experience, nevertheless, has also its own downfall and that is readability. Thanks to CSS, a new way of experiencing the web was created. With CSS, one can get the appearance that a plug-in can offer and at the same time without losing the vital tool that would make it a web crawler attractive, that is the content. CSS can guarantee one to get the best SEO solutions in the internet because contents can now be viewed by web crawlers. Unlike plug-ins, web crawlers will capture the content making its ranking in search a better one. The need to share ones information is imperative in this new age of interactivity. This is made possible again with CSS. CSS offers one to capture his photo in his Flickr page or video in Youtube to be put in his Myspace account or some other social networking sites. This would totally make the experience for a web a better one. For web developers, information about CSS is imperative most especially when developments are in exponential rate. That means new developments are sprouting like mushrooms every now and then. To keep them up beat, it is good to get this information from a website that one can totally access anytime. This is the thing that is envisioned by the creators behind To become the leading source of information on web development, especially with CSS and Web 2.0 is the target of In this way, advanced web development technique is not anymore an exoteric thing for ordinary web users. While other websites offer the same thing, nevertheless, a full depth of information is needed which can only be found in .css-faq… Web developers would not have to go for another website to view some information or key in some search engines to find a better on. With this site, one can find it all in one place. The interesting thing about this website is that it has different sections one can get many things out of it. Take for example in its CSS gallery. A number of templates can be viewed in this section. The growing demand of a better web experience has been a challenged to web developers. Thanks to CSS, this has been answered. And one can find a worth of templates in CSS gallery to answer that challenged. Web developers will be totally satisfied especially for those whose inclinations are in designs. There is also a section for novice developers in the CSS for beginners section. Here one can get some information for an apprentice to know better what CSS is. In the beginning it might look to be jargonized, however, as the web developer gets to know better, he will just be amazed how he would turn into a CSS expert thanks to this section in css-faq.. A lot of site has catchy labels on them that would totally make one remember. This site is one of them. When one thinks of FAQ, it always read to be the most frequently asked questions by number of people. This would mean that lot of people wants to get the same information in hand. With this in mind, css-faq.., with its billing would try to make that information a number of web developers is craving for. With this, it would be.e the ultimate place for the hottest information on CSS! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: