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"Fire" hair "Fengyun cupola rush" special review gangster – Sohu "melee entertainment Daniel Wu" fire "cupola cupola fire" Zhang Ruoyun [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by the famous director Ringo Lam directed by producer Zhou Qiliang, Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Chang Hsiao Chuan, Amber Kuo starred in the blockbuster "sky fire action crime" in November 25th, will be released in the country. Recently, the official release of a "Fengyun rush" version of the film series, will burst montage together burning action scenes and film "Madden classic Hong Kong films into the fire" in the explosion scene, Daniel Wu Zhang Ruoyun, Chang Hsiao Chuan "three in the raging flames of the metrosexual man", let a person feel the moment male hormones after burning soaring momentum, a symbol of the three people broke a field with vigour and vitality "towering" battle of hormones. "Fire" fighting Daniel Wu Daniel Wu lit up "cupola" hormone sequel takes you to relive the classic gangster film melee of last century Hongkong in 90s gave birth to a lot of gangster movie masterpiece, "the rush" at the beginning of the world series, ups and downs, gangster melee several characters of the show kicked off the Hongkong battlefield. An extremely elegant and valuable "ready?" , the scene of a series of firearms in the rhythm of the screen, the people pulled back to the era of passion burning. "," prison "favourable turns in life", "true colour of a hero", "Infernal Affairs" and a series of movie flashback, indicates a black and white contest officially opened, but gradually subsided in one after another explosion.     "2" series released 2016 "apostle Walker" chills, many are calling is the return of Hong Kong films a year. The movie "sky fire" as the "2016 Hong Kong action crime film finale", opened a new era of taking over Hong Kong, the continuation of the wonderful year at the same time, also gain attention and look forward to many of the industry. Fierce fighting off with Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun and Chang Hsiao Chuan, three, will be "metrosexual man" style in the end. Whether it is a wonderful blasting action scenes, or hit really hit the real sense of visual impact, is blood ruin, abnormal shock. In this complex environment, "three metrosexual man" ready, is ready for a battle, as if walking hormones are burning, poised to ignite one lunar new year stalls, triggered a new round of "raging fire" attention upsurge. Fresh Qi "fire explosion metrosexual man plot Shengsizhizhan besides burning scene triggered at any moment, the release of the" Fengyun rush "version features and before the" fire up ", such as a pilot version of trailer is different, is no longer a simple introduction to the film, but a wonderful motion picture together then, back to the last century in Hongkong, until 2016 today, blasting the story continues. As this type of crime action film crew for the "Fengyun rush" special issue not only has to pay tribute to the classic Hong Kong films that back to the people to open up new feeling to action link. The regeneration of "science and technology", "super stem cells" and other key words are so.相关的主题文章: