Five Biggest Brands For Womens Mary Jane

Health Mary Janes have been a staple of the footwear industry for ages. They are cute, .fortable, and easy to wear. The biggest difficulty you may find when searching for a pair of Mary Jane shoes is sorting through the numerous brands that make them. With Mary Janes, brands tend to focus on two themes: Cute and .fortable. Because Mary Janes are easy to slip on and have a single strap, they make good shoes if you have extra wide feet, your feets well regularly, or you need extra protection for your feet. Consequently, many medical shoes and .fort oriented shoes are made in this style. If the brand is not focused on .fort, they are usually focused on making the footwear cute with a designer flair. Choosing the right pair of Mary Jane shoes is easier when you know a little about the brand itself. Discussed in this article are the biggest brands that make Mary Jane Footwear. Drew – Women’s Drew shoes are primarily designed to be extra .fortable. They are one of the largest brands making medical shoes and other .fort oriented shoes. Most of their Mary Jane shoes .e with a Velcro strap rather than a buckle and most styles are available in multiple widths. A great choice when cushioning, .fort, and protection of your foot is a high priority or if you need a wide shoe. With around 75 styles to choose from they offer a lot of diversity and prices range from $75 to $135 with most styles pricing around $110. Naot – Naot Mary Janes differ from Drew Footwear in that their focus is casual fashion. The Mary Janes are more fashionable in their look and .e in more colors and buckle options. With about 75 different mary jane styles in their current lineup, you can expect to have a large diversity of options priced between $110 and $180 dollars a pair, with most falling around $160 a pair. Demonia – Demonia break the traditional Mary Jane look by offering large heels and platforms. While technically a Mary Jane with a single buckle across the instep some styles could easily be classified as platforms and other could be considered heels. These styles are fashion oriented and at a very reasonable price range of between $45 and $90 a pair and like the other styles, about 75 different styles in the current lineup. Aetrex – Aetrex Mary Jane Shoes are designed to be more casual and .fortable than fashionable. They .pare very closely with Drew Shoes in terms of look and functionality with a very similar price range, similar width options, and just under 50 styles in the current seasons offerings. Propet – Like Aetrex and Drew is a .fort oriented brand. Most Mary Janes .e with a Velcro strap rather than a buckle and are a great choice for diabetics and other women who need extra cushioning and the ability to easily adjust to change in foot size. The price range is slightly lower than aertex and drew ranging from 40 to 80 dollars with most falling around $60 a pair and the current catalog includes around 30 different styles. Other major Mary Jane brands not discussed in this article include Arcopedico, Spring Step, Jessica Simpson, Hush Puppies, Earth, Crocs, Skechers, Dr. Martens, Clarks, Rieker-Antistress, Keen, Bernie Mev, AK Anne Klein, and Ecco Aravon. Mary Jane footwear is casual and convenient. They can also be extremely .fortable and cute. The ideal pair for you depends on what you are looking for. If you need .fort and convenience, focus on brands such as Drew, Aetrex, and Propet. If you are more focused on cute and fashionable, focus on brands like Naot and Demonia. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: