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"Footprints" discovered the mysterious savage mystery turmoil – Sohu   entertainment; "footprints" shooting emerge in an endless stream of Sohu entertainment news on savage film, each with a different perspective, the savage’s real existence, but the truth is always confusing. The movie "footprints" with all the questions, go deep into the hinterland of Shennongjia, which lasted a few months to reveal signs of danger appearing everywhere, in the mystery. The movie "big footprints" by Chinese top movie and Hollywood production team together to create, is a Sino US co production of the 3D movie to blockbuster, horror, mystery, and other major stimulus elements to make a surge of adrenaline prominent features, in addition to Shennongjia’s most dangerous secret forest depths of magnificent scenery undoubtedly expose outside, at the same time, strayed into Shennongjia the unknown hero encounter all sorts of thrilling events unfold, so that all can not visit Shennongjia and Shennongjia on the strong interest in the audience, as if personally on the scene, fresh and exciting to feel close to people in the concept is not a perfect interpretation of the footprints can bring to the table. The Shennongjia natural scenery for people, but because of the terrain and its natural climate, leading Shennongjia to become the paradise, is the extreme sports enthusiasts will go to the ground, because of its special and complex, a savage habitat, but how to survive such a barren desolate savage, what is the living environment and living basis they, these contents are most people draw on the movie "big footprints" mark, close to the real reduction of the savage legend, but also a more comprehensive answer, it used the camera language, speaking for thousands of years can not be explained by the savage story, with the ups and downs of the plot, all the mysteries one mystery series, and joined the humanistic care and warmth, in tough shape, set up a bridge to the inner soft place, and in the story Powerful nuclear power, bring a blood to see the exciting movie. The movie "big time" to break the conventional narrative style of traditional blockbusters, the vision to meet the audience expectations, bring the ultimate sensory experience, for a long time the audience, is a collection of various kinds of rare enjoyment in one movie, bring a hitherto unknown relaxation trip, how can not let such a good movie people look forward to. The movie "big footprints too wonderful for words and shock", let the audience enjoy the beauty of the hinterland of Shennongjia, will refresh all the new height on savage film, please look forward to!相关的主题文章: