For the day, the ground for the seat, to experience the wonderful Sahara night under the pen of Sanm rainlendar

For the day, to the seat, the experience of Sanmao’s Sahara wonderful night         "every time I think of you, the sky falling a grain of sand, from the formation of the sahara. Every time I think of you, a drop of water falls from the sky." Taiwan famous writer Sanmao in "the story of the Sahara" in this classic, the vast majority of young artists should be filled with illusions of the Sahara Desert reason, but also a lot of Chinese tourists to Morocco the initiator of evil hardships. And I decided to set foot on this strange land in Morocco, of course, because in June 2016 Morocco began to implement the policy of Chinese citizens visa free. Compared to the cumbersome and complicated visa procedures before, after the visa does not make Morocco travel more attractive. In time no large influx of travel team before, I want to go to "try", also took the opportunity to set foot on the yearning of the African continent. In addition to the experience of Morocco’s rich and colorful cultural atmosphere, from the geography of the teacher was often talked about the secret of the Sahara desert, is the top priority of this trip. The trip to Morocco begins with the Sahara desert. Because of Morocco’s infrastructure is not very developed, to the Sahara and the freedom to travel more difficult, most tourists are in the local newspaper group. Here the travel agency has organized more mature sub tour route, you can choose three days two nights or four days and three nights. Southeast Morocco is the Sahara desert, Griffith from Marrakech, is more conventional, and does not go back to the way line. The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. It stretches across North Africa. It is 5600 kilometers long. Sahara was formed 2 million 500 thousand years ago, is the world’s only after the Antarctic Desert of the second. Here the weather conditions are extremely harsh, is one of the world’s most unsuitable for biological growth, only 0.4 people per square kilometer. This legendary place has the world’s most spectacular and magnificent natural landscape, the vast desert, only the boundless sand between heaven and earth. It is gratifying that no matter how the world changes, thousands of years of consistent landforms. People live a lifetime, if you can go to a sub Saharan, touch the hot fresh sand, is this life without regret. However, it is not easy to go to the Sahara desert. Starting from the Morocco red tourism hub, imperial Marrakech, by minibus to after nearly two days journey to reach the edge of the Sahara desert, and then ride a camel two hours into the desert hinterland, a road bump broken rock, physical and mental suffering, can close contact with the desert. Local people in the desert to choose a more secure position to build a simple tent and camp, visitors can spend the night in the desert. Because the day arrived in the desert have been caught in a sandstorm, blowing sand, visibility is very low, very sorry not to see the desert sunset scenery. The summer camp tent unbearably hot, after dinner we simply put a mattress placed in tents outside the open air, days are for the seats, slowly fall asleep in the arms in the desert. Wake up, four dark, half I open my eyes,.相关的主题文章: