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For the RMB exchange rate return $6.7 test – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing August 29th – the problem of RMB exchange rate: $6.7 for the return of the test by the Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Lin on Friday, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates and the dollar index rebounded to strengthen the impact of RMB exchange rate once again faced with "6.7" test. 29, the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar reported a price of 6.6856, lower than the previous trading day by 368 basis points. After the opening, the RMB against the U.S. dollar spot exchange rate showed obvious Dikaigaozou once back to around 6.6720, the trend began to rebound in the afternoon. Review of currencies for the first two days, China bank Beijing branch Gong Chao foreign exchange traders said, because the Fed officials have issued a rate hike outlook optimistic market to continue to increase interest rates this year is expected to greatly enhance. Investors began buying dollars, selling non US currencies. 28, the dollar index rose to a maximum of 95.59 points, and finally closed at 95.48. "Because the dollar index remained at around 95.5, the previous trading day closing price of the RMB is low, the formation mechanism according to the" middle price closing rate + a basket of currencies ", the central bank on Monday reported the middle price certainly is relatively low." Senior currency analyst Han will Division said that compared to the middle price sharply lower, more concern is the future spot exchange rate movements and future changes in foreign exchange situation. In the opinion of chief bond analyst at Guotai Junan Xu Hanfei, 8 at the end of the foreign exchange market is a significant change in the RMB exchange rate with the dollar has deviated from that when the dollar at about 95 of the cases, the RMB is still weak. He said that this is not a policy deliberately guide, reflecting the domestic market supply and demand pressures have increased. Short term RMB exchange rate may once again challenge the 6.7 mark. From July 25th to August 25th, the dollar index fell from 97.5 to 94.7, the depreciation rate of nearly $3%, while the RMB against the U.S. dollar spot rate rose from only 6.68 to $6.65, the RMB appreciation rate of less than 0.5%. If the dollar with the RMB callback, in just one or two days down to around 6.7, and even fell below 6.7 yuan, so "easy impression will be difficult to rise again" which is not conducive to deepening the market expected depreciation cooling." Analysis of the Korean teacher. Many traders said, once the RMB fell below 6.7, even if only a small margin below, enterprises "negative settlement and actively purchase" mentality may change, and increase the foreign exchange deficit. From the data released by the foreign exchange bureau, July, bank Valet spot foreign exchange deficit growth of 45%, growth of forward foreign exchange deficit 8.6 times. "Obviously the remittance companies wait for a better price, and purchase of foreign exchange enterprises in RMB concerns continue to decline." Korean Division said that this situation still exists in the capital outflow pressure, need to be vigilant. Talked about the dollar and the RMB trend, Xu Hanfei believes that from a global perspective, the Bank of England’s leading "loose tide" set sail again under the background of developed economies to a short period of time "withdrawal" of monetary easing on the United states.相关的主题文章: