Former Philippine President behind Duthel Te I planned to step down is the United States christie stevens

Former Philippine President Duthel Te behind: I step down is the planning data figure: Philippines’s former president Estrada original title: former president of Philippines behind Duthel Te: I was forced to resign in the new United States is planning Manila on 22 October, (reporter Zhang Ming) Philippines’s former president, the incumbent mayor of Manila Estrada 22, publicly supported the Philippine President Duthel Te and the United States "" the decision part company each going his own way and urged the United States continue to prevent Philippine interior intervention. Speaking in Beijing before President Duthel Te had announced in the economic and military and the United States, the outside world lead to part company each going his own way. ". 22 am, Duthel Te clarified held in return to Philippines after the press conference, he was not to sever diplomatic relations with the United States, but in the foreign policy and the United States, Philippines is no longer in the foreign part company each going his own way "to the United States command. Estrada, 22, pointed out that Philippines is a sovereign state, has its own constitution, not because the United States in some ways to help Philippines, the United States to intervene in the domestic power of the Philippine government". Estrada praised President Duthel Te for "doing the right thing" and questioned why the United States was angry and worried about Mr Duthel Te’s remarks. This year, 79 year old Estrada took office in as the Philippines’s president, but in 2001, was forced to step down after his tenure in office in 1998. Estrada said, in his presidency, the American government tried to coercion he acted according to American self-interest. Estrada recalled that in 2000, he was launching military action against domestic rebels "milf", then U.S. Defense Secretary Cohen has written to him to stop the attack, "I was with" milf "operations, but they told me to stop action". Estrada believes that he was forced to step down behind the u.s.. He said, worried that the United States will then repeat the stock tricks plotting to oust Walter. Estrada also said that to understand why Duthel Te and the United States announced "that is a part company each going his own way", this difficult decision for Duthel Te, may let the bear by the United States such as hands ousted political risks such as. (end) for more details, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy"相关的主题文章: