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Friends send the gift of a villager found half a year from the original title: Burma is to protect animal friends as a gift to send from a villager found half animal protection for wasps can eat 4 bananas a monkey Chang Zongbo Pictured Rocks to sue over to the slow loris forest police Chang Zongbo pictured "Meng Da wasp monkey Chang Zongbo photo the new network in Xishuangbanna on 27 September, (Ma Qian Chang Zongbo) who lives in the Sino Burmese border received a" rock Su Meng Da housewarming gift, but half a year after they discovered that this is a national protected animal, a slow loris. 27 reporters from the Yunnan Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna Province Forest Public Security Bureau, the Bureau and the broons reserve police station 26, drove hundreds of miles, came to Jinghong City, Yunnan province Damenglong Cayman scattered new village, accept the transfer of national treasure rock Su endangered species, national protected wild animal, and the bees. Transferred to the Xishuangbanna wild animal rescue center. Half a year ago, who lives in Jinghong City, Damenglong Cayman walled rock bulk new Su Burma transfer to new homes, "roots" (born in the same year friends) have specially from Burma Jing Dong came to congratulate him carrying a gift. Received a gift, open look, let the rock: This is one eye Su be startled at the small round and big animal, this little guy is about 20 centimeters in length, the back has a median gray brown, brown ridges extending from the top to the base of the tail, round head and two small ears hidden in the thick and four limbs; the length of the second toe still retains claws, the tail is short and hidden in the bristles. "Return a friend, but also worried about a friend. If released, it is still small, many people and cars around the stockade, fearing it fall into the hands of criminals will be hurt." Look at the eyes of innocent delicate and touching small animal, rock Su decided feeding time again to the relevant departments for assistance. Feeding more than half a year at home, from the rock Su newspaper and network comparison, it was a gift from, is a national key protected wild animal breeding, without legal formalities at home, and parents will be handed over to the relevant authorities to negotiate from. The village committee director of the old rock, linked to the Forest Public Security Bureau police station Su Xishuangbanna Burung reserve, by Xishuangbanna wildlife protection station of professional and technical personnel identification, it is only from as a national endangered animal, in Chinese distributed in Yunnan and Guangxi, the number of rare, endangered. Xishuangbanna Forest Public Security Bureau police station Burung reserve rock flat said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of National Wildlife Protection Law, national key protected wild animal domestication and do not allow private sale. The 27 day daybreak, reserve police station will arrange Burung car person this bee sent to Xishuangbanna Wild Animal Rescue Centre for assistance. The wild animal rescue center will conduct a comprehensive examination to check whether there is disease, slow loris, for targeted therapy. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: