Fujian more than young women were sprayed with black water is the tall man. pigeon blood

Fujian more than the young woman being sprayed "Blackwater" start tall men in recent days, Fuzhou, Cangshan, Jinan occurred several young woman was painted with black unknown liquid events, most of the victims did not report. 20, young women in China Zheng Changle Road intersection is sprayed to an unknown liquid like park police station for the record. The day before yesterday, young women Zheng Xiang reporters reflect, on the evening of 20 after she domestics Road and Changle Road, is a man spray pass black unknown liquid, legs, shorts, backpacks are liquid pollution. It is understood that the incident around 8:30 that night, he was about 1.8 meters tall, very strong, wearing a T-shirt, when he rubbed me, I did not care". A few minutes later, Xiao Zheng found multiple body was painted with black unknown liquid, she immediately react, just under the hand of man. Xiao Zheng began to think of bad luck, can be encouraged by relatives and friends, she told reporters reflect the situation, while the police station to the park as a record. Police view intersection surveillance video, to investigate. Reporter survey found that in recent days in Cangshan, Jinan occurred several similar incidents. The afternoon of October 15th nearly 3, netizen Wang Xiao Ming "was sprayed in the vicinity of an unknown liquid city of Jinan District, there is a strong smell of oil liquid. 16 evening 9 o’clock, friends, she is a lazy girl "after Cangshan district near the Fujian police academy, the back skirt hem is painted with black unknown liquid, she found walking in front of the girls’ clothes are a black spray. In October 18th, the netizen "Hu Yaya Oh" in Cangshan Wanda was painted with black unknown liquid. The reporter learned from the police, according to the relevant provisions of the public security administration punishment law, the police involved men at five days detention or a fine of 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, following more than five days to ten days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan. If it is in retaliation for the purpose of intentionally damage the victim’s underwear, bags and other items, this behavior is suspected of intentional damage to public or private property, at the following five days more than ten days in detention, and impose a fine of 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, more than ten days to fifteen days detention, and fined 1000 yuan. The circumstances are particularly serious, the value of more than 5000 yuan damaged items will also be held criminally responsible. (reporter Liu, Chen Jian)相关的主题文章: