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Fuzhou Yi Jing Cun old project signing rate of over 97% as of yesterday, moving seal housing 796 – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: Yi Jing Cun old project signing rate of over 97% as of yesterday, moving seal housing 796 Gulou District Redevelopment Project Yi Jing Cun old house in the area of collection of 1023 households currently. The signing rate of more than 97%, as of yesterday morning, a real move has reached 796. From the first contract deadline, there are still six or seven days. In the face of a small number of non contracted households, the levy Department began to increase policy propaganda, and intensify consultation and communication. The project was formally launched in September 8th by the first consultation period. By yesterday, the vast majority of the levied households had signed agreements with the expropriation department. There are a lot of legal issues involved in the collection, and the judicial department of the drum tower has also arranged the legal professionals to provide legal consultation services to the expropriated households. Reporters learned yesterday in the interview, Yi village is a city village, many houses for a long time, in a variety of legal advice, the most prominent problem is the property inheritance class. Her husband Lee died, his son remarried to Sanming, in the old village in Yi Jing long by the Lee original brother-in-law a long-term residence. Over the years, Yi Jing Cun began to levy, a brother-in-law that Lee had remarried, should not split the old property, the two sides dispute. Legal consulting staff explained that according to the law, if Ms. Lee did not remarry, the corresponding property can be inherited in the old house, but the remarriage cannot inherit. However, Ms. Lee died and her ex husband fathered a child, their son can inherit on behalf of their late father can inherit the old property. He finally agreed to give parties the concept of change, mother and Lee split part of levy. In recent days, the villagers have dialed the Fuzhou Evening News Hotline 968800, consulting Housing information, Fuzhou evening news collection service unit members, Buffett real estate also actively coordinate docking, meet the needs of the villagers. Service team to provide poly champagne international, Biguiyuan Yuanrong overseas? Times Zoomlion, ITA, Sunshine City Tan Yue? (in the Near East Jinan) and other high-quality houses, apartment layout ranging from 45 square metres to 135 square metres, is levied per household can enjoy a discount on discount. If the masses need to understand the purchase information, you can call the news hotline, leave your name and contact information, the service team will do their best to service. (reporter Zhang Xiubing Wei Yan? Mao Xiaochun Intern Huang Liting) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)

福州义井村旧改项目签约率超97% 截至昨日搬家封房796户–福建频道–人民网 原标题:义井村旧改项目签约率超97% 截至昨日搬家封房796户 鼓楼区最大的旧改项目义井村旧屋区改造征收户数1023户,目前签约率超过97%,截至昨天上午,搬家封房已达796户。离第一签约截止日还有六七天时间,面对少量未签约被征收户,征收部门开始加大政策宣传力度,加紧协商沟通。 义井村项目9月8日正式启动第一协商期征收,到昨天,绝大多数被征收户已经与征收部门签订了协议。征收中涉及大量法律问题,鼓楼司法部门也在征收现场安排了法律专业人士向被征收户提供法律咨询服务。记者昨天在采访中了解到,义井村由于是一个城中村,许多民宅时间久远,在各种法律咨询中,最突出的问题是财产继承类问题。 李女士老公过世后,带着儿子改嫁到三明,公婆在义井村中的老宅长期由李女士原小叔一家长期居住。多年过去,义井村征收开始,小叔一家认为李女士早已改嫁,不应分割老宅财产,双方产生纠纷。 法律咨询人员解释,根据法律,李女士如果没有改嫁,可以继承公婆老宅的相应财产,但其改嫁后就不能继承。不过,李女士与过世的前夫育有一子,他们的儿子完全可以代为继承其过世父亲所能继承的老宅财产。最终小叔方观念有所改变,同意给李女士母子分割一部分征收款。 连日来,陆续有义井村村民拨打福州晚报新闻热线968800,咨询房源信息,福州晚报征收服务队成员单位巴菲特地产也积极协调对接,满足村民的需求。服务队提供保利香槟国际、碧桂园融侨?时代城、中联东郡、阳光城?檀悦(位于晋安东二环)等优质房源,户型从45平方米至135平方米不等,被征收户均可享受折上折优惠。如果被征收群众需要了解购房信息,可以拨打新闻热线,留下姓名和联系方式,服务队将竭力服务。(记者 张秀冰 魏?艳 毛小春 实习生 黄丽汀) (责编:陈楚楚、吴舟)相关的主题文章: