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German race – country feather singles mixed Chen Qingchen two line battle into the quarterfinals of teenager Shi Yuqi sina sports news Beijing on November 4th news, the 2016 Grand Prix gold Germany open continues, Chinese team has many players in the quarter finals. Shi Yuqi 2 to 0 victory into the men’s singles quarterfinals, Huang Yuxiang won the first after losing elimination. 1/4 He Bingjiao into the women’s singles final, Huang Kaixiang Wang Yilv in the men’s doubles competition continue to stride forward singing militant songs, women’s doubles and mixed doubles quarterfinals in each of two to China combination. Two China mixed team players in the men’s singles third. No. 4 seed Shi Yuqi in the first game to have a little bit of trouble, more than 20 in 16 of cases squandered 4 points tied, but the stone Yu-chi had a smooth win. After this stone Yu-chi follow up a victory with hot pursuit to win game, he more than 2 to 0 (22 vs 20, 21 vs 17) eliminated Germany Sicha fil. No. 10 seed Huang Yuxiang and 3 seeded German ZVI 1 hours and 4 minutes of fighting Buller played three innings, winning first inning Huang Yuxiang failed to keep the advantage, he lost two more than 1 to 2 (21, 21, 19 than 11 than 19 than 21) unfortunately lost. 1/4 finals, Shi Yuqi will face all Brazilian Indonesia No. 5 seed. He Bingjiao entered the singles quarterfinals in the second round, she took only 29 minutes to 21 than 16, 21 than 13 even under two in the city of Shivani in India. 1/4 finals, he played against Denmark’s Paulson. There are three players from Thailand in the quarterfinals, were Ang Blom Len Pam, Jin Peng and Bula Knapp Lasse Suk. China team in the men’s doubles only child of King Huang Kaixiang Yi law success among the eight. In the second round, Huang Kaixiang Wang Yi law suppressed Denmark combination Antonson Soja De, they took 31 minutes to 21 than 14, 21 than 13 zhiluoliangju win. 1/4 finals, Huang Kaixiang Wang Yi’s opponent is the Malaysia’s Wang Yaoxin, Mr. There are two women’s Doubles quarter finals of China combination. Top seed Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan 2 to 0 (21 to 14, 21 than 13) in a multinational portfolio, Huang Dongping Lee Yinhui is also 2 to 0 (21, 21 than 14 than 19) victory over Chinese Taipei Lin Xiao Min Wu Fang qian. 1/4 finals, Chen Qingchen met with Russia’s Cheel Ya Kurkovva Moro R Va, the seed of Denmark on the face of the seed of the 3, he was on the side of the seed of the Republic of China, with the presence of the Russian side of the game. The first time, in the face of. A day of mixed doubles double match, Chinese team has two pairs of combinations in eight. Zheng Siwei, Wang Yilv, and, in the first round of the round of the ratio of the score of 2 to 0 in the promotion of. In the second round, Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen and Huang Kaixiang Li Yinhui staged Derby, Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen or they came out on top, with more than 21 11, 21 than 17 even won two games. As the number 7 seed, Wang Yilv Huang Dongping 2 to 0 (21 to 14, 21 to 17) victory over Thailand Pu Huang Hua Kitty Tara pater. 1/4 finals, Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen met Wang Yilv Huang Dongping will host F Kiss Av Le, A De Hancock challenge top seed Chris Gabriel – A De Hancock).相关的主题文章: