Gianna Jun drama play Mermaid water soak for 5 hours without complaint noiseware

Gianna Jun drama play Mermaid water soak for 5 hours without complaint, Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the drama "legend" blue ocean by Gianna Jun and starring Lee Min Ho [micro-blog], 14 in South Korea held the premiere, Lee Min Ho revealed when filming, and Gianna Jun took the time to ripen; and Gianna Jun is a super dedicated, even in order to make a good picture in the water for 5 hours without complaint, she also said that when a mermaid is not easy, had suffered a lot. "Blue ocean" is a drama actor Gianna Jun, Lee Min Ho, Li Xijun, Shen Huishan, Shen Yuanhao, ed. 14 to attend the press conference released, because this is the first post comeback for Gianna Jun, she has naturally become the focus of attention, asked whether they will be compared with "if you come from the stars"? She said that because it is a different role, so do not worry, but feel more fresh. She was also said: "so, as a global actor, in water 4, 5 hours without complaint." Gianna Jun listened and said with a smile: "I was also well-developed sports like swimming, but I took this film every day I am determined not to take up the role of the next time." But when I saw the pictures, I was very excited. On the other hand, the actor Lee Min Ho is to play a lot of magic, and Gianna Jun was asked about the feeling of cooperation? He said: "she is more powerful than other actors." Also admitted that took some time to let the two people become familiar with; on this, Gianna Jun explained: because just started to each other are still familiar with their role, and now it is more and more sparks." "Blue ocean" can be called South Korea’s most watched drama in 2016, director Chen was asked whether the ratings have expectations? He said: there is no way to say how many ratings, but I hope this is a warm drama to everyone." "Blue Ocean legend" 17 every Thursday, five at 10 a.m. in Taiwan station broadcast. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: