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God Tucao: National Day to the Spring Festival can be far? Sohu news for several weeks, the minibus has been Chafanbusi Jingshenbuzhen, looking forward to the motherland’s birthday every day, it seems like a year, how to sing a song? Remember to wake me up.   but this birthday a week to celebrate the big day, which is enough, do not consider a birthday? Barbosa: why vacation so quickly? Tingting: it is because there is no morning holiday.   some experts suggested, should let the patriotic youth day put a day off for the year forward a point less, revealed Zhao Wei, young people a little more benefits to FB, because this is their patriotic enthusiasm best appreciated and rewarded. Experts also said that this approach will also have a good effect of publicity and education, will make a lot of public and cents can not stand the temptation to join the camp of patriotic youth. (Onion News)   this can be, now apply to join the patriotic youth organization is still in time? Vacation out of the most afraid of bear children, a holiday full of them.   South Africa has two idiot students, slipped into the aquarium stole two penguins released, feel that they are doing a thing was the kindness knows no bounds, kill people. This African penguins just have their own children, and his wife together had a happy husband, suddenly abducted, leaving the mother Penguin very sad, but in the aquarium in the penguin aquarium, did not live in the wild…… Regardless of the occasion, ignorance of good is stupid! Brain is a good thing, but not everyone has……   Japan bears children more terrible, 4 12-13 years of secondary school students recently went to the beach, the people sitting on the fishing rather baffling uncle overboard, uncle face Meng force, although not drowning, but the waist and neck injury was restored for 2 weeks. When the police found them, they confessed that they did it because they liked to see other people drowning". It is not afraid of the fear that made is not safe from the law of minors, the teachers give more homework!   put a fake, China more than 700 million passengers travel, equivalent to the entire population of Europe in its outside guangdang ah, 2.5 of the U.S. population collective move. For fear of dense crowd late, not to go to the country to add up, call my mother said: "Mom, this year’s national day 7 days, I can go home." My mother is also very happy: "really? Well, I was worried about you and dad to travel abroad. Nobody." Well, national day seven days, the more the more happiness lies.   thanks for taking away, I can stay with my dear bed for the whole holiday, Beijing paralysis is the right attitude to the holiday. Why do you want to go out, the bed is not good sleep or the game is not fun?   since the takeaway, the head does not need to wash clothes do not have to change, every day is a good day to release themselves. The last time the Mid Autumn Festival holiday to catch up with the typhoon, wind and rain water and electricity every day,.相关的主题文章: