Google can not do the black technology, but the company is playing bad… ricky lee neely

Google can not do the black technology, but the company is playing bad… Mobile phone ring is a quack, and big things, and all mankind… And a bad one… Listen to the bad first. In the 4 days before such a message: Google mobile phone ready to give up the modular development plan… Can.. Just 4 months ago, I O conference said: look, you obviously real attention in my hand!! Can be bright screen, I use sincere eyes to the majority of the flour to ensure that you can buy in 2017!!! In the words of Shanghai people, it’s crazy.. It’s really good to be happy… As a result, it is not the climax of the valley powder instant to be cold… However, here’s what the good news: Motorola’s modular mobile phone did not play false, true sale!! Moto Z now pull to this, we must first understand a concept: what is the Google ara modular mobile phone front said, you can think it is Lego blocks, can be free to choose and replace or remove any mobile phone components, including the processor, screen, memory, battery etc.. In simple terms – it is a skeleton, can not be used independently, only a variety of components can be inserted. And moto Z, it is another form – first, it is a cell phone, from the module can still operate independently. The extension of the module, depending on the back of the 16 adsorption contacts. By the way, the reason why modular phone, I think it was forced by apple… Against the current popular apple wind". I boldly predicted that, after iPhone7 came out, next year’s domestic mobile phone will be estimated like this… And then after a variety of plagiarism, the conference is a variety of Tucao Apple rotten ah, but also changed a few small details spike apple a few streets… And you, close beside the point! These two modular forms, I bias moto wind. Of course, Moto is not the first play, it’s not the originator of it… Released in early 2010 the world’s first mobile phone is split, Fujitsu (Fujitsu) "F-04B" is formed by the magnet combination, but after all, 6 years ago, was with a Bluetooth connection but was sold well, NTT DoCoMo has launched the follow-up product of this mobile phone, a little unfortunately… Can only say Born Under A Bad Sign too far,! The projector module, moto Z also has a lighter and more. More widely used… For example, a bureau of fighters on the wall, or lying down at night show piece also have a reason for that, Koko, the Hasselblad camera module, "is my favorite dishes!! After the entity shutter 10 times the light (I do not know why, especially like this one into a feeling) with flash do not ask me why this thing is what you use to feel your photos. Night (on the left on the right is 10 times digital zoom, optical (left) during the normal angle, right side is 10 times optical) made against so, however, a limitation of this thing, is the only collocation moto mobile phone… If you want to feel the camera in the other phone into a pleasure, then相关的主题文章: