Grandpa did not see the child, 1 year old boy himself out of the road was rolling car! Sohu –

Grandpa did not see the child, 1 year old boy himself out of the road was rolling car! Sohu [event review: maternal grandfather did not live to see the child 1 years old boy himself out of the road] recently, London and Haizhuqu District road Guangzhou city in a tragic accident, a 1 year old only 7 month old boy playing alone out of the road, unfortunately is a black Porsche car hit the rolling the child, died in hospital after the rescue. Currently, the driver has been controlled by the police. The accident site is located in London and Luton and garden gate on the road. It is understood that killed the boy named Hu Mengxuan, 1 year old 7 months. The accident happened towards a brand clothing store, the clerk Xiaoyuan recalled: "the little boy and his grandfather came to our shop, may be the grandfather did not pay attention to it, we are busy greeting guests, children on their own road, and later heard people shouting outside the shop to know the child knocked." The driver opened Porsche slowly seemingly chat in the car riding a tricycle, Lao Yang is one of the witnesses, he was just behind the Porsche car, the old Yang recalls, Porsche car is very slow speed, speed not exceeding 10 km. "I was behind it, clearly see the driver inside the car, is a more than and 40 year old man driving a car, the driver also sat a woman. At that time, he was in the palm of his hand with a steering wheel, and did not play the phone, look at the body language is like chatting in the car". At this time suddenly saw a little boy alone from the sidewalk outside the road, behind no adults followed, not dangerous to walk around, was hit by a car, the Porsche car still slowly forward, the driver did not find the child in the right front of the vehicle. The driver didn’t hear people shouting until the wheel pressure over the boy head to stop the old Yang said: "I immediately shouted to the Porsche car, trying to get him to stop, but the driver did not hear, the little boy was knocked down from the car right front, chest over the whole person, rolled into the bottom of the vehicle." Seeing this, in the vicinity of several residents also shouted the driver of the car to stop, but the car until the right rear wheel again from the boy’s head after finally stopped, the child suddenly bled. Subsequently, the driver shouted from the surrounding masses that hit people, and get off to see. After the incident, the child was sent to less than 100 meters of Guangdong Jiangnan hospital that night, died due to his injuries. The boy’s parents died of grief is difficult to accept the fact that 2 pm yesterday, the reporter saw the child’s parents at the scene of the accident. The boy helped mother Ms. Yin in several friends, cry. She told reporters that they are a family of Hunan, living in London and garden. We married couple for many years, only a child Meng Meng, the child is taking medicine to see a doctor is not easy to conceive, and now out of such an accident, I do not know how to live". Let the family most difficult to accept is that they learned from the scene witnessed the neighborhood in the mouth, the child was knocked down after the car were on the right side of front and rear wheels run over, "there have been reminded passers-by, the driver why not stop? [reflection: parents)相关的主题文章: