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GREE recently opened more than 100 days at research institutions each reporter Xie Hongchen in September 2nd to resume trading of GREE electric appliances (000651, closing price of 23 yuan), in the harvest of two a word limit board, yesterday (September 6th) after open trading. It is worth mentioning that the company’s turnover yesterday also hit a new record. In addition, the company disclosed September 5th investor relations activities showed that the company recently received the attention of investors, only in August 24th ~9 month 2 days, ie more than hundreds of institutional investors and customers to visit the company research group. Trading volume hit a record high in the two consecutive harvest after September 6th, GREE is still to limit the price of the opening, but in the past 15 minutes after the trading time, the company’s share price opened the limit until the close. At the close, the company’s share price closed at 23 yuan, up to 7.28%. Yesterday is the disclosure of the asset purchase bill after the stock for the first time on board, the company’s stock is very active. After hours trading information shows that in September 6th the company all day long volume of 4 million 972 thousand hand, turnover of 11 billion 570 million yuan, turnover rate of 8.33%. Every investment treasure (mjtzb2) noted that the company’s turnover yesterday also hit a record high turnover of the company’s history. In addition, according to billboard data showed yesterday, the company’s stock speculation, financial institutions are also more active during the last three days. billboard single, 3 consecutive trading days to buy company stock the largest amount in the top 5, there are two institutions on the list, the two institutions were buying 299 million yuan, 279 million yuan. In addition, China international financial Limited by Share Ltd Guangzhou Tianhe Road business department, CITIC Securities Business Department of the Beijing headquarters, Guotai Junan Shunde Daliang business section of the column to buy list first, two, four, 3 sales were bought 428 million yuan, 389 million yuan and 287 million yuan. In the largest amount sold in the top 5, a seat in the organization of third, the amount of the sale of $388 million. In addition, the Beijing headquarters of CITIC Securities Business Department, Guotai Junan Shunde Daliang business department, Chinese international financial Limited by Share Ltd Shanghai Huaihai Road business department, Huatai Securities Beijing Lama Temple business department sold 754 million yuan respectively, 594 million yuan, 379 million yuan and 327 million yuan. Titanate lithium battery has disadvantages after each investment treasure (mjtzb2) noted that in September 5th, the company released the latest investor relations activities of the table shows, August 24th ~9 month 2 days, as many as hundreds of institutional investors on the company. Investor relations activities table shows, to company research institutions not only include investment securities, Shenwan Hong, Zhejiang securities, GF Securities brokerage; including Celestica fund, Boshi fund, Yi Fangda fund, investment fund and other fund companies. In addition, there are many insurance funds and information management companies, including. It is worth noting that the above research object is the focus of the company’s recently announced asset purchase plan, which, Zhuhai Silver Dragon production of lithium titanate battery more attention. If asked, "lithium titanate and lithium titanate batteries compared to iron phosphate;相关的主题文章: