Guangzhou destroyed a large group of drug suspects built 3 new network factory 2.791 tons of precurs-melia kreiling

Guangzhou destroyed a large drug group to build 3 factories manufacturing 2.791 tons of suspect – Beijing suspects to build 3 drug manufacturing plant manufacturing 2.791 tons of Guangzhou police destroyed a large drug smuggling and trafficking group – reporter Deng Xinjian newspaper correspondent Cen Baihan Zhang Jin recently, Guangdong city of Guangzhou province and Fujian police joint Dongguan Sanming, Longyan police successfully destroyed. A Yang Mouhao led to the large manufacturing selling drug smuggling group, Yang Mouhao and other 3 men from Taiwan main suspects and 1 heavyweight drug "master" have been arrested. The police have destroyed 3 drug manufacturing and 1 drug store warehouse, seized drug product of about 2.1 tons, two tons of semi-finished products and raw materials, a large number of drug manufacturing equipment. The group has a wide range of illegal activities, rampant behavior, and the huge number of drugs. According to the police investigation of the case revealed that the case involved Oceania, Southeast Asia and other 5 countries and China’s Taiwan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, has built 3 manufacturing factories, a total of 2.791 tons of precursor, the police seized 2.074 tons of drugs. With the gang members have been arrested, this led by Yang Mouhao, Li Mouming, Chen Mouyan, Panmou and taking a Taiwan membership of more than the artificial core members, transportation, trafficking and manufacturing of drugs in one of the large manufacturing selling drug smuggling case cracked across the series group. The police have arrested members of the group of 21 people, the main suspects were all arrested. "Baiyun express little brother reported in early March of this year, according to the" Baiyun express little brother clues, 4 sets of air compressor transport in Baiyun District, Baiyun police received an international freight forwarding company sealed air tank, seized 100 kilograms of methamphetamine. Baiyun police reported the case of Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment, the detachment made analysis on this situation, and set up a task force to investigate the case. After the case reported to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau, in April 6th was established as the provincial target case. Task force after more than two months of investigation, and finally found a compressor shipped to Dongguan, Humen. The police carried out a lot of investigation work, and ultimately determine the Humen Freight Agency Service Department of Dongguan city in Taiwan province people’s boss and responsible for shipping to Guangzhou Xu Moufang is a major crime suspects. May 23rd 14 am, they are ready to check the steel wire drawing machine, the task force to take decisive action to arrest, taking a captured 4 suspects, and seized 182 kilograms of methamphetamine in the drawing machine checked in. June 15th, the police informed the media of the case. For meritorious, "Baiyun express little brother won the highest award 300 thousand yuan. Follow the line of business of a lock owner after the arrest, several other suspects were alert, bring some difficulties to the investigation work. Police investigators think a lot of ways to gradually figure out the case: since last year, a business with a number of Taiwan men’s partnership in the possession of drugs shipped out of the country. Seized by the police and seized more than and 280 kilograms of drugs, it is a few men from Taiwan shipped to a freight forwarder.相关的主题文章: