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The people of Guangzhou for 10 years 600 thousand of the best-selling manual – Beijing Guangzhou into the local customs of Polish "tradition family motto" "flowers culture" city name card in public haiyinqiao on flowers (picture). Guangzhou Daily reporter Su Junjie photo Dayang news 2005, Guangzhou published the first popular book "Guangzhou public etiquette etiquette manual", "no grand narrative, no profound theory, some just civilians only secular life basic necessities of life, you come to me". "Down to earth" by way of communication, manual 10 years many editions sold, sold 600 thousand copies, let about 10000000 people in Guangzhou to book ", self-cultivation, tatsuyuki. The tradition family motto "and" flower culture "as the representative of the city name card, development in Guangzhou natural heritage, ritual fashion into the life of every citizen. The first public domestic popular etiquette knowledge in December 1, 2005, "Guangzhou public etiquette Handbook" as the first popular etiquette knowledge reader published, 66 page booklet, the length is not long, leading the fashion power is not small. After repeatedly revised edition, and the people of Guangzhou quality education after 10 years. "Guangzhou citizen etiquette Handbook" begins with the discussion of the importance of "Guangzhou people to the world". The body part consists of 9 aspects from the manual clothing etiquette, diet etiquette, etiquette, home travel etiquette, language etiquette, social etiquette, leisure etiquette, volunteer service etiquette, etiquette etiquette knowledge and environmental behavior in detail, and the "Chinese citizens outbound travel guide", "civilized behavior Chinese citizens the domestic tourism Convention", "civilized behavior" and the Guangzhou tobacco control bill garbage is also written into the manual. The etiquette Handbook illustrations, lively and vivid, with the Guangzhou local customs, local time, on the Guangzhou local dialect and local folk custom etiquette should pay attention to the details through the "reminder" way of doing that, makes it easier for readers to accept. The publisher said, this little public manual interpretation is not only the etiquette, courtesy, etiquette, and rich sense, Li Min, founding work, life, transfer people to the beautiful environment, good order, quality service, and of the natural beauty and social beauty, the beauty of human nature in common the pursuit of purpose is to become the general public to learn the etiquette knowledge, improve ethics "good teachers and helpful friends". A citizen etiquette manual, you can warm a city, you can also create a city of civilization. It is reported that the "Guangzhou public etiquette manual" issued 10 years, has been reprinted many times printed, issued a total amount of nearly 600 thousand copies, has become one of the many new and old people of Guangzhou bibliography of moral self-cultivation. Family instructions: hundreds of years for generations of Guangzhou people, civilized, courtesy, polite society has profound origin, already infiltration in family education and family traditions. Panyu is known as one of the four ancient stone temple Chen ancestral hall good world church records, Shilou Chen family centuries of family tradition. In the ancestral hall of the two door into a room brick arched doorway, Ming相关的主题文章: