Guo Degang the contradiction between reform and the restoration of Deyunshe (video) ca1835

Guo Degang: the contradiction between Deyunshe reform and "restoration": Guo Degang road Delin agency who is the boss behind Yao business humanistic Xu Wenmiao Guo Degang "cleaning" genealogy, Cao Yunjin "an official accusation", will they’re laden years past again pulls. In the field of public opinion, this mentoring story became the hottest topic, human arena, commercial disputes which relates to not lose in any one of the novel. Return to Deyunshe, return to the comic industry, Guo Degang wrote "the good old favourite, how will the team in transition to modernization, showing a very contradictory attitude, repeatedly. In August 2010 Deyunshe restructuring, because of "Apprentice journalists" event and Beijing TV open conflict, Deyunshe faced the biggest crisis since the explosion of red. The early morning of August 6th, was known as "Deyunshe four son" of the two members, He Yunwei and Li Jing issued a statement through the blog, has officially quit deyunshe. On the same day, Beijing energy-saving said has withdrawn from the Devon comic alliance. Deyunshe times into domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Cao Yunjin (left) and Li Jing (in) He Yunwei (right) from the Deyunshe home then, Deyunshe decided since August 9, 2010 to suspend all small theater (including Beijing Deyunshe theater, Sanlitun Deyunshe theater, Zhang Yiyuan flyover teahouse, Guangde floor Theatre) regular performances. With this "August storm" at the same time, there are Deyunshe internal system "self transformation". Earlier, Deyunshe operation with Guo Degang as the core, through the same gate to bind the mentoring feelings. "Three years of apprenticeship, two years of validity" of this traditional comic industry rules is the main operating mechanism of internal deyunshe. In a October 2010 Concert, Guo Degang said Deyunshe has turned into enterprise management, and all actors re signed over a period of 10 years of labor contract. Guo Degang said that the beatings and He Yunwei, the withdrawal of the incident, so that he realized the defects of family management and harm to the nature of the. Subsequently, Deyunshe all actors are divided into 5 levels and 4 performance teams, actor income will be directly linked with the attendance rate. The reform of the contract was finally signed Guo Degang, the rupture of the relationship between the fuse of Cao Yunjin. Cao Yunjin in the Beijing daily, including a number of media interviews, said the contract is too harsh: the provisions of the limit is too sharp, afraid to sign, exit to compensate 1 million. What should I do if I signed him frozen, don’t let me show how to do?" Later, according to the "Nandu Entertainment Weekly" the disclosure of information, the contract expressly provides that all performances, on television, in an interview, by Deyunshe performance department or relevant leadership checks, any private external stop will be subject to punishment; stipulated that the contract period, labor remuneration, work discipline and social insurance and benefits. Even more striking is the breach of contract terms, any person to be compensated for 1 million or 5 years shall not engage in the work related to crosstalk". Cao Yunjin eventually chose not to sign the contract, which began mentoring students gradually become bad. Cao Yunjin belong to the "cloud" Zibei Yue Yunpeng stand on the master side of Guo Degang, "I have already signed a ten year and deyunshe.相关的主题文章: