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Hainan Nanshan centenarians than " "   " longevity; long password " people.com.cn cited concern – Hainan windows — people.com.cn original title: Hainan Nanshan centenarians than " " " longevity; long password " cited concern figure for the winning longevity of the elderly who posed. Luo Yunfei photo: Hainan, a hundred years old Nanshan longevity than longevity password cited concern to eat more fish, more exercise!" Wang Yunan, a 102 year old old man from the village of Qionghai City, Hainan Province, on October 9th, in the "China Sanya Nanshan Longevity Culture Festival", to tell the story of his health to teach his health. On the same day, Hainan 10 centenarians and 10 over the age of 90 "Shou Gongshou woman" in Sanya Nanshan "Shou", attracted people to explore the "longevity password". Wang Yunan old man talking, gesturing, sometimes stand up toward the media reporter shot put a "pose", smiles one of the teeth, revealing only kind and lovely, tease out the epigenetic envy of laughter. According to reports, the health of centenarians, both winter and summer are bathing in the river. Lip off tricks, "Shou Gongshou woman" who conducted a "talent show". Hainan Lingshui Nanping farm 100 year old grandpa Luo Qingyuan, he likes to show the series of baskets, he saw action in fine fig freely, do not shake hands, eyes do not spend, every rhythm. One side of the Sanya 92 year old lady Li Chunlan unhurried with coconut leaves not resigned to playing second fiddle, weaving a "grasshopper", vivid, impressive. Healthy "life Gongshou woman" people envy, Hainan how many such longevity? Hainan Province Office on aging, the latest statistics show that as of July 2016, Hainan province’s existing centenarians reached 2083 people, has 22.86 centenarians per one hundred thousand people, far more than the standard 75 thousand and 100 of the world’s longevity area. Hainan centenarians and longevity index are ranked in the forefront of china. In Nanshan scenic Long Valley, consisting of 100 centenarians living silhouette of the centenarians story Exhibition Gallery ", in the day of centenarians after cutting to visitors appearance. One hundred years through the portrayal of life, like a "longevity" microcosm of Hainan health Island, the narrative of a harmony between man and nature of the story, but also reflects the historical changes of Hainan. According to reports, from 1998 onwards, scenic spots began to organize expert system research on Hainan longevity of the elderly living environment, life style, social behavior, physiological and psychological characteristics, and took out the 862 centenarians living sample, summed up the life way of life, such as the environment, leisure life, constant light diet, continuous labor the elderly, respected etc.. Attended the event, chairman of the Hainan Provincial Federation of Sun Su said that the natural ecological environment, excellent and gradually improve the social pension service facilities, increasingly sound pension policy, and more and more advanced medical and health services, promote Hainan life expectancy is higher than the national level. At the same time, she explained the longevity code in Hainan相关的主题文章: