Hainan second intermediate people’s court retrial a serious violation of procedure mingaoguan – in t 3edyy

Hainan second intermediate people’s court retrial a serious violation of procedure "mingaoguan" Beijing – in case because of a serious violation of legal procedure of the referee, Hainan mingaoguan revoked after the verdict retrial, the court of first instance — Hainan second intermediate people’s Court (hereinafter referred to as "Hainan erzhongyuan") before the date of hearing a retrial the case. The case originated in the eastern city of Hainan, the town of eight, the village of the village of Tang Sheng Huang Lu, Yang Chenglian, and the prosecution of the East China government, the city of China, and the prosecution of the case, the prosecution of the city of East China, the government of the people’s Republic of China in the east of the city of. Because he contracted 44 acres of land is the eastern municipal government expropriation, and for the use of land for other units, and asked the government to compensate, in fruitless negotiations will be the eastern municipal government sued the Hainan second intermediate people’s court. Lu Laoqiong 4 people complained, "Yang Rattan Garden" (block name) since the beginning of 1978 by the village collective determination to Lu Laoqiong farming, 1996 Wong Ning village signed a contract with the Lu family Laoqiong, further confirmed its contractual right. In 2005 the second round of land, the eastern municipal government in accordance with the original area to Lu Laoqiong etc. renewal of Dongfang City (county) land tenure (eight town) Article No. 0510411 "right to contracted management of rural land". In 1998, the eastern municipal government including the land, Haiyu small village on the north side of the 500 acres of agricultural land expropriation, transfer to the third Hainan Western Industrial Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "western"), and in August 20th the same year to the western company issued a state-owned land use certificate, after the land expropriation the behavior is not legitimate, cancellation of state owned land use certificate. After many years, the company has been the western and Eastern municipal government in this land disputes. In July 2001, the eastern municipal government due to damage to crops, 19.93 acres of Laoqiong Lu compensation seedling vine garden crops compensation fee of 19 thousand and 900 yuan. 2010, Lu Laoqiong et al the cases are still controversial in the land more than and 20 acres of land to the east city sanitation bureau dumping of construction waste, the term is from 2010 to 2015. At the beginning of 2015, Lu Laoqiong et al found a border city of the East Development and construction unit, in the land to stop, to know the east municipal government has the land expropriation and land use warrants issued as a frontier unit. Lu Laoqiong and others believe that the eastern municipal government in collective land expropriation is not to include them, the villagers to solicit opinions, and has not yet been paid to the end of land compensation, the expropriation of land illegal behavior. Because of the land expropriation and has been issuing to others, they are no longer required for the revocation of certificate of land requisition compensation procedures related to the return of the land, only request Eastern municipal government the law required 44 acres of land, land requisition compensation will be paid 3 million 574 thousand and 500 yuan owed to them. Hainan intermediate people’s court ruling in December 2015, sold the east municipal government levy Wong Ning village land to the west, in the land acquisition procedures is indeed flawed, but the Hainan Provincial Department of land has been made in September 4, 2001 "on the go through the Hainan Western Industrial Company Limited land clearance letter" of the complex, the eastern municipal government land acquisition act to be approved the flaw, in the procedure of land expropriation behavior has been corrected. Hainan two)相关的主题文章: