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Business Halloween conjures up fantastic memories. A time of year where goulish tricks and delicious treats are acceptable. As a child, convincing mother to give me candy coated chocolates, lollipops, gummies and other nutritional items was always a struggle most of the time, however, when Halloween rolled around, the game had .pletely changed. It was a ripe opportunity to stockpile as many treats as humanly possible and without having to share. And all one had to do was dress up in some outrageous outfit and utter 3 words. Trick or Treat. And yahtzee, the loot was yours! It was sheer magic and a racket that was just too good to pass up. And your success was dependent on your customer and the planning that went into it. Wrapping your body in a sheet with two holes cut out for eyes would not ensure a massive stockpile of candy. However, a well thought out and designed Superman custome could surely save the day. As Halloween approached and Fall was slowly slipping away, the excitement would gain momentum as you knew that the Holiday season was all in front of you. What better way to kick-start the Holiday season than by planning and preparing for a Halloween assault. As the years have passed, the desire for candy and dress-up has diminished but the excitement for Halloween has not. Some might say the last chance to enjoy things going on around town before the winter sets in. If you live in Los Angeles or Houston this might not be an issue but the excitement still remains due to the sheer insanity built up around this holiday. Most big cities have a tendency to be a litte freakish most of the year, however, .e Halloween, it really heats up with great things to do in the city. I have traded in my passion and pursuit of candied treats for a more mature endeavour. Finding great deals on great events for Halloween. Adult treats. And StubDog.. has made it much easier for me to do so. One great event that always seems to pop around this time is screenings on the big screen of old classic scary movies such as the Bride of Frankenstein. One of my favorites. Everybody remembers Elsa Lanchester’s electrified hairdo, along with the sinister hiss that ends the movie. But there are so many other reasons to revere and appreciate James Whale’s 1935 masterpiece. Whale seized the artificiality of Hollywood soundstage filmmaking and ran with it as few directors ever have, before or since. From his remarkable deep-focus tableaux in front of painted backdrops to his ‘Rembrandt lighting,’ in which a face is illuminated by a single bright light just outside the frame, Whale imported the innovations of German expressionist filmmaking and wove them into his peculiarly memorable tapestry. Another treat or offer is "The Raven", starring horror movie greats Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, and based from a poem by Edger Allen Poe. Horror film festivals such as Screamfest LA are a far cry from the classics and are aimed at discovering new blood in this genre. Blood and Gore are brought to the big screen in a way never seen before and are sure to have attendee on the edge of there seat if not under it. Another favorite event surfacing at this time are walking and bus tours. The tours are usually of houses, gruesome crime scenes, graveyards, broomstick adventures, cemeteries and other haunted locations. Each Halloween season, Esotouric offers a most disturbing Crime Bus tour, Halloween Horrors with Crimebo the Clown. That’s right hosted by clown. Too demented. This four-hour jaunt spans Downtown, Hollywood, Echo Park and the Eastern San Fernando Valley while offering a grimly hilarious look at more than two dozen peculiar and long-f.otten crimes, including several with a Halloween theme. Vintage crime scene photos are featured, with passengers urged to BYOBB (bring your own barf bag), always a smart idea when Crimebo the Crime Clown is in attendance. Digging into the archives to uncover such terrible tales as the lady dope dealer left with her eyes gouged out on Echo Park’s Lovers’ Lane, the one-time silent screen star who died alone and was gnawed on by her doggy, the trick or treat murder of the handsome hairstylist, an astrologer and a palm reader who didn’t foresee being killed by the women they loved, Silver Lake’s exploding gun shop, the poignant death of the bravest dog in Hollywood, plus visits to Bela Lugosi’s home, Crimebo’s tales of Halloween celebrations gone terribly wrong and history of holiday pranks in Los Angeles, plus light-hearted oddities like the mysterious midnight disappearance of thousands of cucumbers from a Hollywood farm. Amazing! This just goes to show you that you do not have to be a kid to enjoy everything Halloween has to offer. There are plenty of treats for adults to enjoy. Trick or Treat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: