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Hangzhou is a city in the end? That Guangzhou is not calculate? Source: WeChat public number Ding Zuyu evaluation of the property market, since ancient times bustling Qian Tang. Hangzhou is the most memory. The definition about Hangzhou: the happiest City, livable city, an earthly paradise. Just successfully hosted the G20 summit in Hangzhou is pushed in the teeth of the storm, the Xinhua news agency of the city: Hangzhou, China beautiful beautiful sample. You know, after the G20 summit was held in Washington, London, Seoul, Toronto. This year, China’s Hangzhou. This is the first time China hosted the summit, Hangzhou eventually stand out, there is a big momentum into the first tier cities. 1st what is the standard of first tier cities? For the first tier cities, many institutions have been ranked. And there is no final word. Baidu encyclopedia is such a definition: in theory, first-tier cities refers to play an important role in politics and economy and has a leading role and radiation capability of the metropolis, mainly reflected in the city development level, comprehensive economic strength, radiating ability, talent attraction, communication ability, competition ability, innovation ability, science and technology traffic capacity at all levels. China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy, Chinese Social Science Press, city and competitiveness research center and other institutions recently jointly issued the "report" city competitiveness Chinese, Hangzhou is not in the city’s comprehensive economic competitiveness of the top ten list. Another list of Hangzhou to save a little face. June 3rd, the national development and Reform Commission website published by the State Council approved the "Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration development plan". Nanjing, Hangzhou and Ningbo as the 3 sub provincial cities in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. A list of the latest city rankings from CRIC, the afternoon of July 28th this year, CRIC research center of the "City real estate market China investment prospects list", Hangzhou ranked eighth in this list, was listed as the second city. In other words, so far, there is no public list of Hangzhou as a first tier cities. 2nd is the Hangzhou property market in the first-tier cities but must help Hangzhou name is, at least in the property market in Hangzhou, these years, enough to prove that the property market in Hangzhou is first-tier cities. The market process for China real estate in Hangzhou is no trivial matter significance. Hangzhou is the first city to implement land reserve system, not one. This year has been the implementation of the Hangzhou property market land reserve system, the nineteenth year of the open tender. In October 18, 1998, Zhejiang Guangsha Group Real Estate Development Company Limited and Zhejiang economic and trade joint Real Estate Company mark the east section of the West -2, Shangcheng West -4 block (now part of the garden city Wanan) is Hangzhou’s first block through the form of auction open to sell the land, the floor price respectively is 2350 yuan per square meter, 3138 yuan per square meter. The land transfer is regarded as the first public land sold in Hangzhou standard, but also opened the prelude to the public transfer of land in Hangzhou, Hangzhou has become the country’s first implementation of the land auction system. Not to mention the bulk of the Hangzhou property market in Wenzhou fried tenants, this is a folder"相关的主题文章: