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Happy 100 "inclusive pension benefit thousands of households – public – people.com.cn following the" happy 100 "in August 1st, the China Charity Federation" dream to take off, I love China "Nanjing charity gala announced after August 22nd," China 2016 (Chengdu) happy 100 community economic sustainable development summit held in Chengdu. The same day, Sichuan happiness Yichuan Keyu Technology Co. Ltd. and Xinjin community store officially opened. Since then, the new platform of super life – "happiness 100" landing in Sichuan. "Happiness is 100" margin, filial piety, good "in the spirit of the times in the construction of Internet plus life, finance, entertainment, tourism, education and pension in the future to create a super platform, online and offline mutual happiness platform" for the family’s basic necessities of life, happiness Sichuan Keyu Yichuan technology company chairman Zheng Xiaofeng at the summit in the "100 City, 5 million family happiness, build community economic super new district" speech as the theme, the commercial value of 100 and the happiness and social function, he made a detailed explanation, and said, "happy 100 will allow inclusive pension into the community, for the benefit of thousands of households. According to a data from the community health experience network, "medical treatment combined with" innovative old-age care mode, a data showed that over 70% of the elderly in China had chronic diseases and co morbidities. Chronic diseases and comorbidity lead to multiple system involvement of the elderly, and eventually lead to multiple organ failure. In the face of the increasingly severe aging situation, how to innovate the old-age mode and pay attention to the health of the elderly is a common concern. As the extension and upgrading of the traditional old-age mode, the old-age mode of "combination of medical care and nourishing" is considered as an important way to solve the problem of pension. Happiness 100 set up the community community health experience network, equipped with professional medical personnel and medical care equipment, to provide happiness 100 family members with "day" as a unit of health maintenance project. It integrates rehabilitation, nursing care and health care, and connects families with the Internet to protect the health of the elderly. "We measure blood pressure every day for the elderly, measure blood glucose every week, regularly check the old people, etc., and then make personal health records of the elderly’s health information through happy 100APP. Children can inquire about the old people’s blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and other health data anytime and anywhere, and find out whether there is any abnormal state of the body in time, "Zheng Xiaofeng said. In addition to routine health maintenance projects, happiness 100 also works with medical units to launch remote consultation function. For elderly people with medical needs, we can quickly achieve expert consultation and consultation through green channel, and make appointment registration in advance. "Each community store will have a fixed love hut, hire professor and specialist hospitals, regularly carry out anti diabetes, three higher health lectures to teach health knowledge, happy family of 100 people to help improve the diagnosis of Difficult miscellaneous diseases, family health index." Zheng Xiaofeng said the move is expected to break through the "last kilometre" of the old-age service and break through the many bottlenecks in traditional home care. The elderly care network focuses on the quality of life and mental health of the elderly. According to the China family development report (2015) released in May 13th last year, the empty nesters account for half of the total number of elderly people. Among them, only 10% of the total number of elderly people were living alone, and only 41.9% of the elderly were living with their spouse. The problems of the elderly and the living conditions and mental health of the elderly show a more complicated situation. How to improve the quality of life of the elderly in the old age and solve the loneliness problem of the empty nest elderly to the greatest extent is a new form of intelligent pension, migratory bird care and information based pension. Internet endowment has become a bright spot that can not be ignored. Now there are many retired people who have high pensions, but they do not want to go to a nursing home. They want to do something, but they don’t know what they want to do. According to reports, relying on community health experience happiness in 100 outlets, to provide intimate health services for the elderly community at the same time, also provide entertainment platform for the elderly, such as singing, dancing, painting, chess, and regularly held various competitions, the elderly can be a day to the interest exchange and leisure activities. At the same time, the health experience network often organizes the elderly to participate in all kinds of health experience activities, such as experiential kitchen, red wine experience hall, tea art experience and so on, through the health experience activities to pass the healthy lifestyle to the elderly, so that the elderly can live happily and healthily. By holding family activities regularly to close family distance, help families solve family and neighborhood problems and improve family happiness index in an all-round way. "Only when the old man is happy in his old age can he be happy for the aged." Although they are older, they are physically and mentally healthy, have their own enjoyment of life, and can reduce the pressure and burden of their children, which is the greatest value! " Zheng Xiaofeng said. The new economic community and charity combined to carry out the "charity" activities according to the understanding of happiness, 100 brought together a huge line experience + scene + rich Internet entities, and make financial become through blood, become the master of big data, ecology, situation of super business platform. The platform strives to get rid of the intermediate links of sales, achieve a closed sale, realize the comprehensive interaction between online shopping and offline experience, and achieve the double harvest of material and spirit through mutual assistance and family business integration. In essence, happiness 100 is a new platform that combines the economy of the new community and the charity of charity. "The combination of consumption and charity, we can invite some members of the Communist Youth League, the happy 100 growth fund, to buy some souvenirs or planting Township, on the platform of sales, health products and happy life into every family life." Zheng Xiaofeng said, as a "super life mainstream platform", happiness 100 will gradually build 100 communities in the 100 cities of the country to build community health experience online shops and pension mutual help shops, and benefit 5 million families. It is understood that the Sichuan Chengdu as the first pilot city, community experience will reach 1000, "the establishment of health test examination station in the community health care network, regular inspection and the elderly, the elderly health information will be promptly sent to their mobile phone, understand parents health care whenever and wherever possible, let the family health at attention. For the love of people, filial piety," we are one family "community building dream." Zheng Xiaofeng said. Share (Zi Rui, Jiang Qi: the early commissioning editor)

幸福100让“普惠养老”造福千家万户–公益–人民网   继“幸福100”在8月1日中华慈善总会“缘梦腾飞,爱我中华”南京慈善晚会宣布启动后,8月22日,“中国2016(成都)幸福100社区社群经济可持续性发展峰会”在成都举办,当天,四川幸福一川科宇科技有限公司及新津社区体验店正式开业。自此,超级生活新平台――“幸福100”落地四川。   “幸福100就是在互联网+时代用‘缘、孝、善’的精神建设集生活、理财、娱乐、旅游、教育、养老于一体的未来超级平台,为家人的衣食住行开创线上线下互助的幸福平台”,四川幸福一川科宇科技公司董事长郑笑峰在峰会上以《幸福100个城市、幸福500万家庭,打造社区社群经济超级新商圈》为主题作演讲,对于幸福100的商业价值和以及社会功能,他做了详细诠释,并表示,幸福100将让“普惠养老”模式走进社区,造福千家万户。     社区社群健康体验网点“医养结合”创新养老模式   一项资料显示,我国七成以上的老年人存在慢病和共病,慢病、共病会导致老人多系统受累,最终引发多器官衰竭。在日益严峻的老龄化形势面前,如何创新养老模式,关注老人身体健康,是大家共同关注的问题。   作为传统养老模式的延伸和升级,“医养结合”养老模式被认为是破解养老难题的重要途径。幸福100建立的社区社群健康体验网点,配备专业医护人员和医护设备,为幸福100的“家人”提供以“日”为单位的健康维护项目。融康复、护理疗养和保健于一体,用互联网连接家庭,为老人的健康保驾护航。   “我们每天会为老人测量血压,每周测量血糖,定期为老人进行体检等,然后通过幸福100APP将老人的身体健康信息制成个人健康档案。儿女们可随时随地查询老人的血压、血糖、心率等健康数据,及时发现身体状态有无异常,”郑笑峰说。   除了日常的健康维护项目,幸福100还与医疗单位合作,推出远程会诊功能,对有医疗需求的老年人,可通过绿色通道迅速实现专家咨询和会诊,提前预约挂号等。   “每个社区店都会有一个固定的爱心小屋,聘请各大医院专家教授,定期开展糖尿病、防三高等健康知识讲座,为幸福100的家人传授养生知识,诊断疑难杂症,帮助家人们提高家庭健康指数。”郑笑峰说,此举有望打通养老服务的“最后一公里”,突破传统居家养老的诸多瓶颈。     养老互助网点 关注老年人生活质量及心理健康   据去年5月13日发布的《中国家庭发展报告(2015年)》报告显示,空巢老人占老年人总数的一半。其中,独居老人占老年人总数的近10%,仅与配偶居住的老人占41.9%。养老问题及老年人生活状况、心理健康等问题,呈现更加复杂的态势。   如何提升老年人的晚年生活质量,最大程度的解决空巢老人寂寞问题,是智慧养老,候鸟式养老,信息化养老的新形式,互联网养老已经成为不可忽视的亮点。   如今有许多退休老人,拥有高额退休金,但又不想去养老院。他们想做一些事情,可又不清楚自己想做什么?据介绍,依托于社区社群健康体验网点,幸福100在为社区老人提供贴心健康服务的同时,也为老人提供休闲娱乐的平台,如唱歌、跳舞、书画、棋类等,并定期举行各种大赛,老人可以每天来此进行兴趣交流以及业余活动。   同时,健康体验网点还会经常组织老人参加各种健康体验活动,如体验式厨房、红酒体验馆、茶艺体验等,通过健康体验活动给老人传递健康的生活方式,让,老人健康快乐地生活。通过定期举办亲子活动,以拉近家人的距离,帮助家人解决家庭、邻里关系问题,全面提升家庭幸福指数。   “只有老人晚年生活幸福,才能快乐养老。虽然他们年纪大了,但身心健康,有自己的生活乐趣,还能减轻其子女的压力和负担,这就是最大的价值!”郑笑峰说。     新社区社群经济与慈善结合开展“爱心助学”活动   据了解,幸福100汇集了庞大的线下体验+丰富的实体场景+互联网,并让金融成为贯穿的血液,成为掌握大数据、有生态、有情景的超级电商平台。平台力求去掉销售的中间环节,实现一个闭环的销售;实现线上云购和线下体验的全面互动;同时通过互助养老达成家庭消费的整合,实现物质与精神的双丰收。   从本质上看,幸福100是一个结合了新社区社群经济以及慈善公益的新平台。   “消费与慈善相结合,我们可以邀请一些共青团员,利用幸福100成长基金,前往乡镇种植或者收购一些土特产,放在平台上进行销售等等,将健康的产品和快乐的生活植入到每一个家庭的生活中。”郑笑峰说,作为“超级生活主流平台”,幸福100将逐步在全国100个城市打造社区健康体验网店和养老互助网店,惠及500万个家庭。   据了解,四川成都作为首个试点城市,社群体验点将达到1000个,“在社群网设立健康测试体检站,定期关爱检测老人健康,并把老人身体健康信息会及时发送至子女手机,随时随地关爱了解父母身体健康情况,让家人健康得到随时的关注,为爱出发,为人尽孝,实现“我们是一家人”的社群建设梦想。”郑笑峰说。 分享 (责编:初梓瑞、蒋琪)相关的主题文章: