Havoc Tianzhu laugh open 100 days ahead of Baoqiang Wang at-nvidia geforce gt 740m

"Havoc" Tianzhu laugh open 100 days ahead of Baoqiang Wang "havoc" poster at Tianzhu Tencent entertainment news by Baoqiang Wang first directed the movie "havoc" Tianzhu released "laugh 100 days" movie poster, film archives in December 23rd. The poster, Baoqiang Wang Daoguajingou laugh grin, driving the trend hit colorful auspicious clouds. Poster overall color contrast strongly, comedy and Kung Fu elements of the perfect blend of India style among them, Baoqiang Wang and the end of the national movie fans laugh. See the film in December 23rd ahead of "smile" Baoqiang Wang driving downtown "turn" colorful auspicious clouds Tianzhu September 14th movie "havoc" Tianzhu released "laugh 100 days" movie posters, mention December 23rd. With the national fans see in advance "laugh". As the first movie posters, posters, color film and Kung Fu elements are fully integrated, with red hue, the picture is full of grand rich details, Baoqiang Wang wearing a India clothing, sprang up after volley, red cloak with flying, full of momentum. Single hand to do in front of the forehead shaped lookout, narrowing his eyes and grin, revealing a white teeth, like a monkey possessed more trouble "turn" of italy. The side of the little monkey looked at Baoqiang Wang like superhuman holding one hand flying forward, point out seems to be adorable, echoing Baoqiang Wang’s "Monkey King" identity. The poster on the background of India street, the vast expanse of modern buildings in streams of people busily coming and going. The left exposed corner of India god Hanuman bust, looked solemn, solemn bao. The sky background in the colorful auspicious clouds rolling in. "Havoc in Tianzhu" Four Golden characters to the poster style warm heavily branded imprint, make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Baoqiang Wang accompany you laugh at the end of the comedy is more eye-catching action more amazing as early as March 22nd held in a movie West conference, Baoqiang Wang for the first time to show the identity of the director, will get behind the CO director. Baoqiang Wang vowed to make a good movie, on the spot to become stronger, more said to "tell a story of your own". Since then, the director of the first works of Bao Qiang people is looking forward to, many fans have speculated treasure strong directorial debut should hilarious comedy. From the exposure of the information, the movie "havoc in Tianzhu" will not only let fans look forward to the "treasure" of a comedy style, more will be a combination of comedy and Kung Fu movies. Baoqiang Wang in the poster skill also indicates that the movie "havoc" Tianzhu in action will be very amazing. At the same time, the material released opened "havoc" Tianzhu "laugh" 100 days countdown, the movie directed by the end of the Lunar New Year stalls in December 23rd, with the national audience together make new year. The movie "havoc" Tianzhu adventure with "laugh 100 days" poster exposure opening, Baoqiang Wang will embark on a journey of joy and the people, full of exotic, let people fall into a reverie. The movie "havoc" in December 23rd to "laugh Tianzhu" struck, please look forward to. Happy film by media, enlight media CO produced and sunwy.相关的主题文章: