Hebei Baoding a brother night in case of robbery with a knife into the police wit the dangerous for jessica rabbit

Hebei Baoding taxi driver night encounter knife robbery wit break camp for the security risk – Beijing new network in Baoding in September 22, (Lv Zihao’s syndrome) in Hebei province Baoding City Lotus District Public Security Bureau revealed that 22 of the city’s brother in suffered knife robbery, unruffled, drove into a police wit the Bureau, the suspect was arrested on the spot. 22 year old Lee graduated from the public in Baoding to buy a taxi, running in the urban operation. In late September 20th 9, Mr Lee drove near the line to the South Gate Street, a young man waved a taxi, the man on the bus, not long after the knife against Mr. Lee’s head, let it run according to the specified route. To hold suspects, Mr. Li has gradually calmed down, waiting to find the way out. A few minutes later, when the car driving to the lotus District of Baoding City Public Security Bureau of Interpol, a squadron of the door, Mr. Lee put the pedal rushed in. Is on duty in captain Xu Mingtao, director Quan Haibo found a "casual visitor" into the parking, while shouting, while sounding the alarm. Lee quickly jumped from the car, and to the police for help. At this time, the police have surrounded the taxi, the robbers fight. The trial identified the suspect at the age of 23, the city of Baoding City District, without proper occupation, gambling, crime has lost thousands of dollars. Unsuccessful due to borrow, they have premeditated robbery. On the day of the incident, which carries the water knife to Baoding opportunistic crime. At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: