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Hebei boy falls into the well of the incident to torture children’s safety protection – public welfare channel fell well boy’s father sat sadly beside the boy’s body. November 6th 11 am, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun 6 year old boy followed his father in the Cong Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped the well. After the rescue lasted 107 hours, at 23:10 on October 10th Xu, the children have found the fall, but unfortunately, after medical experts diagnosed, the child has no vital signs. Safety signs led to a lack of children killed the boy fall into the well to rescue tragedy It is often seen. incident caused netizens questioned a series, including the existence of dry lax supervision, this problem has also asked the fox. The dry well boys fall, abandoned for nearly 5 years, around without warning. In September 2015, Xiamen Guankou two boys died due to drowning accidents fell well, the well covers missing. In March 2014, Sichuan 15 year old boy was killed in the weir pond fishing pressure electric shock, line height is 4.8 meters, and not set up warning signs. In August 2013, a 8 year old Guangxi boy picking berries in the mountains, accidentally fell into the abandoned coal mine exploration wells died. More than 20 meters deep wells has not yet set up warning signs and covers. In May 2013, Hunan 2 year old boy fell into no manhole cover on the edge of death, did not set any warning signs. In February of the same year, Guangdong 2 year old girl picking flowers unfortunately fall into a few meters deep pile Wells died in the abandoned wasteland, not around the enclosure and warning signs. In July 2009, 4 pupils playing in the abandoned pit side accidentally drowning, caused 3 dead and 1 injured in the tragedy, the puddle Department of dredging, borrow abandoned pit, safety precautions is almost zero…… The absence of the safety mark leads to the tragedy, which can not help us to torture the children’s safety. China each year about 200 thousand children due to accidental injury and death accident refers to the sudden events caused by the damage to the human body, including traffic accidents, falls, burns, poisoning, drowning, foreign body, cutting injury, animal bites. Every year, about 200 thousand years old -14 years old children in died of accidental injury, accounting for about 26.1% of the total number of child deaths. From the global children’s safety organization, the study shows that: China’s child mortality rate is 2.5 times that of the United States, South Korea, more than 1.5 times. Child injury is an important public health problem in the world, but more than 98% of child deaths occur in developing countries. Experts pointed out that the cause of this "life gap" is the key to children after the accident, can get timely and effective life support, especially emergency rescue measures. In our country, when an accident occurs, the vast majority of people are in the vicinity of children who do not know how to deal with the loss of 0-8 minutes of golden rescue time. Experts advise, emergency measures properly, a lot of accidental injury death can be avoided, children around the people if you have mastered cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other emergency skills, a large number of drowning, sudden cardiac arrest children can be saved. 90% Chinese children will not even wound treatment, only less than 5% minors.相关的主题文章: