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Hebei boy fall well rescue: site start digging – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Zhao Lei) November 6th morning 11 am, Hebei Baoding in Lixian County Zicong Zhao Meng Changcun at the age of 6 with his father in the Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped the well. As of 8 PM 2, 60 mining equipment involved in the rescue is still in the excavation, under the rescue plan to start digging bucket arm, has not yet found the boy. According to the boy’s Grandpa description, the dry well not far from their home, was previously a port for irrigation wells, about 40 meters deep, a few years ago has been disabled. After the incident, the Lixian County Public Security Bureau, Lixian County public security fire brigade, Baoding, blue rescue team, 120 emergency rescue teams and the villagers spontaneously organized, the township and the surrounding social rescue forces fully involved in the rescue. The rescue scene has been put excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks near more than 60 vehicles. As of 2 pm today, Zhao Zicong fell from the well has been in the past 51 hours. The president of the Baoding Youth Volunteer Association in the love scene involved in the rescue of Wang Xiaodong, the latest rescue plan formulated morning have been deployed by the excavator dug 800 square meters of work platform, the center position of the deployment of 9 personnel times center 15-20 maintenance, the external call personnel rotation once every ten minutes. Beijing News reporter learned that, as of November 8th at 2 pm under armguards barrels rescue plan in full swing, the excavation site will be approximately 50 members of the rescue team, a group of 10 people, every 10 minutes a group to carry out artificial digging bucket armguards. At the same time, the scene will continue to rescue excavators, Zhao Zicong has yet to see the sight.相关的主题文章: