Hebei will focus on cultivating the full list of 100 small towns announced didadi

Hebei will focus on cultivating a full list of 100 characteristics of small towns announced this newspaper (reporter Zhao Jian) in our province will focus on cultivating the characteristics of small towns in the 100. Recently, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of land resources, the provincial government rural work office, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial Office of the Committee and other eight departments jointly issued the "on the characteristics of small town development work notice", the province’s key to cultivate the 100 characteristics of small towns, small towns built in 2020 to modern developed economy, beautiful environment, perfect function and distinctive features. By the government, policy support, market operation, enhance the characteristics of small towns connecting urban and rural areas, gathering industry, radiation driven capacity, the new carrier to cultivate the development of county economy, the formation of a benign pattern of the city with rural, urban-rural interaction and coordinated development, promote the coordinated development of small City and small town. Notice clear, according to the geographical location of small towns, resource endowments, history, economic base and other conditions, a clear lead industry, strengthen industrial support, improve the development of small towns. Around the development of leading industries, to support a number of key enterprises, leading enterprises, promote the development of industrial clusters, the development and expansion of special industries. Vigorously develop the park economy, to attract the town and the surrounding villages and towns to the park gathering, and to undertake the transfer of large and medium cities. Municipalities, counties (cities, districts) to adjust the industrial structure, will be suitable for small towns in the development of industrial projects, priority in the small towns. "Notice" requirements, accelerate the improvement of the road traffic facilities, water supply and drainage, gas, sanitation, electricity, telecommunications and other municipal parks, parking lot and public basic characteristics of small towns, and the simultaneous construction of all kinds of underground pipelines and facilities, improve the overall carrying capacity of the characteristics of small towns. Encourage the characteristics of small towns, the construction of underground pipe gallery and the sponge town. In addition, actively promote the convenience services, technology services, cultural activities, commercial circulation, community service facilities, improve the educational and medical conditions, improve public service level, to guide the rural population to the characteristics of small towns. We will conscientiously implement the relevant policies for the reform of the household registration system, timely handle the relevant formalities for residents settled in small towns, and incorporate them into the urban social security system. Improve the housing security system for small towns, to meet the conditions of urban residents and migrant workers who have been employed in the town and to participate in social insurance to provide housing security. Notice requirements, the characteristics of small towns construction land indicators, priority to be protected. The establishment of town level finance, and enhance the vitality of small towns. Specification for county financial system of small towns and characteristics, to promote the county fiscal decentralization, sinking fund management authority, for the characteristics of small towns, can implement the tax system, giving more autonomy to the financial characteristics of small towns. Actively seek national special characteristics of small town construction fund and the central financial support for the construction of the characteristics of small town, township to integrate all levels of urban construction, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, civil affairs, trade, tourism and other projects and special funds, priority to 100 characteristics of small towns. Focus on the cultivation of the 100 characteristics of small towns list相关的主题文章: