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Hair-Loss Herbs have been embraced for centuries. Herbal remedies offer solutions to many different types of symptoms in the body. From the .mon cold, to acne, toothache, and even baldnessherbs can enrich our overall well-being and appearance. For years many men and women have relied on herbal remedies to prevent premature hair loss and stress-induced hair loss. The following remedies are some of the most popular around the world: Green Tea: Drink several cups a day, as this tea contains the enzyme 5 Alpha Reductase. What does it do? It converts male testosterone into DHT. Men who have pale pattern baldness swear by this natural remedy. Seeing is believing, what do you have to lost? Drink up. Cheers! Ginko Biloba: By increasing circulation to the brain and skinwith this herb, you can deliver more well-needed nutrients to the hairs natural follicles. Spread 120 – 160 mg of the dry extract onto the scalp in a period of three dosages. Saw Palmetto: The hair loss Treatment of choice by males. It protects a mans prostate from cancer and studies show it encourages hair growth. Take it in capsule form twice weekly. Its most potent taken in its natural form (extracted from berriesnot dried berries). Stinging Nettle: Known to prevent hair loss, men rely on stinging nettle at the first sight of thinning, or slight balding. Take a capsule which contains 50-100 mg a day to keep hair loss away. Pygeum: If used properly (60-500 mg per day in capsule form) the effects of Pygeum are much like those of green tea. Use this herb for treatment of male pattern hair loss or prostate problems. He Shou Wu: Embraced by the Chinese, this herbal remedy has been known to reduce the effects of hair loss, as its been said to delay the process. This herb can be taken in tea-form or in a capsule. Before scientists started creating hair loss topical ointments in laboratories, these herbal remedies were relied on by many men (maybe even an ancestor of yours!). While there are many sceptics, who say that herbal treatments are laughable, others beg to differ. What does it .e down to? What works for some, may not work for others. Herbs are safe and practical if taken in their proper dosages. Perhaps this is why many men are eager to experiment with them. Inhairit some of these and other only high quality herbal ingredients in its unique formula designed to slow thinning hair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: