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After Hilary Vicki broke the decryption why "favor" American election – Sohu news October 4th, Wikileaks founder Assange from the Ecuador Embassy in London, attended by video WikiLeaks 10 anniversary press conference. Figure IC eastern United States presidential election day approaching, crucial moment, Wikileaks again exposed mengliao. Local time on November 4, 2016 morning, Wikileaks released the latest batch of the Hilary campaign said Hilary e-mail, team leader has been involved in a project called "spirit of cooking" cult activities. In fact, in the bustling presidential election, Wikileaks has repeatedly released Hilary Mengliao, almost regarded as Trump’s "God assists". At the same time, by the outside world that Wikileaks founder Assange and another similar decryption Snowden, Mcgill University in Canada recently video speech also mentioned that the current U.S. presidential election, and don’t let everyone bluntly campaign promise seriously. A series of dynamic WikiLeaks revelations Hilary on the morning of 4, Wikileaks released a new batch of the Hilary campaign email, the mail content display, has been called the "art" mother of Marina? Abramovich has invited Hilary team leader John? She organized the "spirit of Podesta in cooking activities. According to earlier media reports, Marina? Abramovich had skeleton and sleep together; 12 days stay naked in front of the public, the public toilet; in the scene of the fire, to burn the drug until coma; arrhythmia; 72 instruments placed in front of the audience, they can use these instruments with her, including whips, chains and gun. After the e-mail exposure, the U.S. Internet users have expressed great shock. Prior to this, Wikileaks has repeatedly exposed the message about Hilary. Local time on November 3rd, Wikileaks also released a new message on. John Podesta? Is the American presidential election campaign committee chairman Democrat Hilary. This wave of mail content shows that Hilary and former vice president of the relationship between the poor in the United States, President Gore. In addition, Hilary does not oppose the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, she just needs to fight for the TPP vote for her. The count had sold arms to the Islamic state, Wikileaks exposed in the general election in Hilary and the team of dirt, can be said beyond count. Assange: Trump won’t win the election 4, located in London, Ecuador Embassy in the UK, today’s Russian reporter interviewed the founder of WikiLeaks, Assange. Assange said in an interview, according to WikiLeaks the mail, Hilary received from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries government funding, and the government is also in support of the organization of the Islamic country. Assange said, according to a 2014 email previously released by Wikileaks, then US Secretary of state Hilary had asked the consultant Obama John? "On advice to Qatar, Saudi Arabia put pressure on the government, the reason is the two countries in the dark as the organization of the Islamic country provided相关的主题文章: