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Hong Kong media: the White House and the possibility of amnesty from the new government – Hilary sued the Sohu news [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported] the United States presidential election result 9 released on the way not to be optimistic about the Republican presidential candidate Trump defeated the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary won the 2016 presidential election, will become the forty-fifth president of the United States, Hilary is defeated. Hongkong East network reported on November 10th, the White House said on Wednesday, former Secretary of state Hilary does not exclude amnesty, in case the incoming government will use her private email account official sued her. President elect Trump during the election campaign, had threatened to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hilary. On July, two days before the election, the FBI announced that FBI would not seek to sue Hilary, and Trump’s post responsibility was to say that the "rigged system" protected her. Trump in the finale of the debates during the Hilary warned: "you will go to prison." Asked whether Obama could before leaving office in January amnesty Hilary, White House spokesman Ernest said the government will not discuss these cases in advance. However, he suggested that Obama wanted no amnesty, Trump pointed out Wednesday morning victory speech, Hilary’s words appropriately. Ernest said: "we have a long tradition, who will not use the criminal justice system for political retaliation. We have tried our best to separate the criminal justice system from Party politics."相关的主题文章: