Hongkong property buyers rushed into the market first in Hong Kong to continue the strong – Beijing-puritans pride

Hongkong property buyers rushed into the market first in Hong Kong to continue the strong – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, according to the Hongkong Daily reported that the Hongkong property market even if the rate hike is expected to heat up again, did not stop buyers rushed into the market. Just in the past weekend, a market has recorded 830 cases of the sale transaction, the three major focus of the project units launched almost all sold out, the total turnover of more than 85%. The developers actively push plate driven by the past weekend market hot atmosphere, the first Hong Kong Kowloon project "Eic No. 1", the continuation of strong 10 days earlier, started the second round of sales, a total of 221 units sold out half a group, together with the selling unit on the wheel, has sold 95% units of the overall project. In fact, the disk has been sought after in the market, before and after the two rounds of sales speed strange. In the second round of sales as an example, the overseas director You Weiguang pointed out that the project started picking up the floor at 10:15 in the morning, at noon 12 when there are 100 partners by purchase, equivalent to one minute of a unit". GrandYOHO has not scattered another focus under the new disc, Yuen Long "GrandYOHO" the same boom is not scattered, 10 days of the sale of the third round of the 218 party standard, are all sold out, also sold 5 group characteristics of households, including 9 46 floor A room, foot transaction price of about 18574 yuan (HK $, the same below). A standard household price high scale project. The new deputy managing director of thunder described project sales "event is still in the market, there are still a lot of people off, so anxious to launch 7 single unit price is the price, average price of about 14845 yuan, compared with the price list of the fare increase from 2% to 3%. Price list shows that the new price of a total of 113 involved in the group, priced between $8 million 604 thousand and 700 to $16 million 14 thousand and 600, the price of about $15034 to $20406. The new assistant general manager Hu Zhiyuan said, the relevant units in 1, 9 and 10, interval covers two rooms to three rooms, is priced between 7 million to 13 million yuan, the price list pricing plan the whole market value of about 1 billion 250 million yuan. Thunder said that the recent boom in the buyer’s market has not spread, a number of projects continue to sell, reflecting the market rigid demand is still expected to absorb the volume is not a problem. The tired to sell 90% units as the only new disc Tseung Kwan O Chinachem, sales momentum is unstoppable. Following the first round of day to sell about 470 groups, as of 10 evening 8 o’clock, and then sell the second round of the project sales in the 264 group, which has sold units to 765 group, accounting for 90% of the total number of units of the project. Wu Chongwu the sales director said, this round of sales to the largest buyers buy 5 group, involving funding of nearly 50 million yuan, it is reported that the buyer has bought in the first round of 3 groups, namely two group bought 8 units, involving funding of about 80 million yuan. He added that, the project is now three housing are four and a small amount of housing, without considering the price, but the rest did not push the 11 group will be deployed within a month of bidding.相关的主题文章: