Host A Fun Baby Shower Party With Super Cool Party Games That Provide Entertainment For

Arts-and-Entertainment Baby showers are nice get-togethers with plenty of friends and family to make for a wonderful time. Take the bay shower to another fun level by playing some very fun baby shower theme games. Baby Shower Charades Pregnancy and baby related actions are written on a piece of paper by the hostess. Each party guest selects a sheet of paper from a baby bonnet. The party guests will be placed on two separate, equal teams. Party guests act out the action on the sheets of paper. The team that can guess the most correct actions is declared the winning team. Once one team member acts out an action, and the teammates guess the action, another teammate stands in front of the party guests and does the same with a different action. Baby and pregnancy actions can include breast feeding, changing a diaper, going into labor, applying baby powder etc. Diaper Changing Race Diaper Changing Race is played by using a baby doll and diapers. Place the baby doll on a flat table wearing a diaper. The object of the game is to take off the diaper and put on a fresh diaper as fast as possible while blindfolded. It’s as great as any relay race game. For example, one player begins and removes the diaper and places another diaper on the baby doll. The next teammate removes the diaper and changes the baby doll again and so forth. The most diaper changes wins it for that team. After each player has had their turn, that player removes the blindfold and gives it to their teammate. Balloon Pop Baby Game Split the guests into two teams. Then begin the game by placing a balloon under each players’ shirts. The two teammates face each other and try to pop the balloons under their shirts by squeezing each other with the balloons touching. The players must pop the balloons before placing another balloon under each shirt. The first team to pop 10 balloons (5 balloons per player) is the declared the winner. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby This is a fun variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Use an adorable picture of a baby (plenty of baby posters) and cut out a print out of a pacifier. Baby showers invitations should be treated as any other party, so have them sent out to gusts at least a couple of weeks before the event. Tell others about the various activities and clues of the surprises to .e in theinvitations of the baby shower party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: