How coulee nuozha is always black ah Actually, she’s really pretty! (video)

How coulee nuozha is always black ah? Actually, she’s really pretty! Guli Nazha is always the 90 after the actress, product is quite good, although always be black, but every time the airport photos, magazines, or PW outfit, can become a hot topic, as some people ridicule people dress without chest, people laughed at you ugly? Is pretty beautiful, this is the point that you can’t deny it. Estimation of this dress is a dress this year who have to fire one up, really good-looking people what to wear good-looking, her dress so want to buy a beauty. This is a bias in the leisure sport wind, if only grey too monotonous, texture more hollow printing with peacock blue coat becomes whole. Autumn is dressed in white is also super beautiful wood, the ride is light colored printed chiffon shirt, if the weather gets hot at noon to take off the coat is another style. Zheng Shuang Zhao Liying PK fashion debut the artistes fashion week LOOK guess coulee nuozha belong to the kind of skinny, but shoulder skeleton wide body, this is of the advantage can fully handle various kinds of dress. In 90 after the fall of beauty must haves how may not have Baseball Jacket and ripped jeans, are all-match items, casual wear is very beautiful. This year, Yang Mi is not only love small dirty shoes, coulee nuozha loved it, his clothes are old style, some rustic compared to the woman behind the. The black stripes shirt and overalls is autumn must-have item, bib is absolute age artifact of the two candidates, Guli Nazha or short hair look. The big red thin coat and blue striped shirt color is also very beautiful, this is the color of some molimen high-heeled shoes, or black best.相关的主题文章: