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How much do you know about whisky cold? (Whiskey), if you only know the type, style and brewing raw materials, then you can only be regarded as a common lover. As a big fan of whiskey or geeks, you should at least know these cold knowledge. 1 the oldest whiskey is believed to take cloud based liqueur Whisky (Glenavon Special Liqueur Whisky). It is said that the wine bottling time between 1851-1858 years, from Scotland based distillery with cloud (Glenavon Distillery), and in recent years into the Guinness world record (Guinness World Record) list. 2 whisky is usually matured in oak barrels in porous, and annual evaporation, alcohol will lead to oak where the ceiling blackened. 3 whisky is pure colorless, its color and flavor are derived for Oak ripening and external additives, such as caramel. Cheap whisky containing caramel, it mainly affects the color and flavor of whisky. 4 the spelling of the whisky is different. There is a common rule: from Canada, Japan and Scotland whisky called "whisky", and the United States, Ireland and England are called "whiskey whisky". According to legend, Scotland removed the "whiskey" in the "e" is because the Scots believe that too long pronunciation will delay the drinking time. 5 single Malt Whisky (Single Malt Whisky) is becoming more and more popular, but as the demand, manufacturers may choose to shorten the aging time of single Malt Whisky. 6 a total of 23 countries or regions in the world producing whiskey. Among them, Scotland, the United States and Japan’s top three production. 7 although whiskey is a popular drink, but some whisky enthusiasts that ice will make the wine taste pale. So, if you want to add what, then add a little water. 8 whisky is actually a "no beer" beer". The malt slurry used to make whiskey is made from malt, yeast and water.相关的主题文章: