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UnCategorized During the fall physicians in Ontario are normally required to cope with the shortage they experience hence many job fairs .e up. Job fairs are the way for .munities with physician shortage to look for more people who are willing to work for them. In November job fairs can be found at Queen’s University, the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Ottawa. Medical schools should keep in mind that they need to prepare their students to find jobs the director of postgraduate education in the University of Ontario’s Department of Family Medicine. .munities always fear the future so despite getting full hires in the Ottawa fair they still have these inhibitions. After A recent survey at the University of Toronto, which indicated that 40% of new family physicians who graduated from that school intend to head south this started to raise concerns. In this case, Deep River, a small town in the upper Ottawa Valley was affected. Many are worried about how their 18 bed hospital will start operations. It is indeed a worry for the .munities says the past president of the Ontario Medical Association since half the students from the University of Toronto are heading to the US. He also stated that less than 5% of Ottawa graduates move to the US. For him the geographical billing restrictions are a huge pressure. Newly practicing doctors who set up in any of 4 major centers can be penalized up to 30% of the normal billing fee. All options should be weight he says and this is what he teaches is students. The job fairs allow students and residents to learn about these options and to talk to people in need so that they can tailor their education, beefing up their training in areas such as obstetrics, mental health, geriatrics, emergency medicine and anesthesia. More residents and students attending the Ottawa fair said they want to practice in the rural areas .pared to the urban ones. Physicians practicing outside the city will have more services to offer the people. You normally refer cases that are out of your scope in the city. .munities offer special incentives in order to get a doctor to work for them. In some hospitals they give free secretarial help and office space for a year. Some incentives include recruiters knitting sweaters for new doctors. They claim that beating the US is impossible but they also have a lot to offer. Since the government is shouldering their educations they should not be able to leave that easy. In case doctors plan to work in Marathon, a .munity of 5500 on the north shore of Lake Superior they will be offered a balanced lifestyle. Life is relaxed in a small town even if doctors work more hours. In Marathon 2 or 3 more doctors are required so that existing staff can take sabbatical leaves and work fewer hours. Physicians are also needed in Renfrew, a town of 9000 located 100 km west of Ottawa where they offer a practice and office space. Technically the US is stronger but rest assured people who go south will always return. They are just typically scared of the health care environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: