How to deal with Japanese radiation seafood haywire

How to deal with Japanese radiation seafood? Original title: "the radiation crisis mapping seafood Author: Zhang Tiankan source: public," Zhang Tian exploration "since 2011 3, Japan 11 after the earthquake, Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion, the waters near the seafood produced by nuclear radiation pollution, almost all countries have banned imports from the region of seafood. Even the local people do not eat the seafood. However, in recent years some of the smuggling gangs are Chinese reckless with greed for overseas purchasing, around offsmuggling, domestic sales will be "radiation seafood smuggled to China recently, Qingdao Customs seized from Japan’s king crab and other high-end seafood more than 5000 tons, worth up to 230 million yuan, some high-end seafood from the coast of Japan fukushima. After the nuclear leakage of radioactive substances, such as radioactive iodine can cause nuclear pollution, radioactive substances through air, food and water intake pollution inhalation pollution harm, radioactive substances and through skin absorption and deposition of radiation damage to the crowd. Now, radioactive contamination of seafood has approached the Chinese people. Whether the nuclear radiation pollution these smuggled seafood have much harm, need scientific identification to confirm, but it is not just the mapping of nuclear pollution harm to human, ecological and environmental problems, and the mapping is not only human, at this stage, even in the foreseeable future tens of million years are almost unable to deal with nuclear safety the problem. The science and technology, almost no effect what article can get 100 thousand +, but Lei Yian is associate professor at the Peking University School of physics, a paper on nuclear safety articles easily exceeded won 100 thousand +, because the relationship between human offspring and the earth thousands of years after the safety, as well as the earth and life on earth can there. "The main point of radiation seafood" again confirm and support Yian mine, nuclear power plant is not safe. Nuclear power plant safety is not only due to human and natural disasters can cause radioactive substances in Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plant leak caused by the disaster, is that even if the nuclear disaster did not happen, the human is also hard and unable to deal with the nuclear power plant after the use of the spent fuel nuclear pollution. Because the spent fuel can only be processed once, and the spent fuel is too large to be disposed of, it must be stored for at least 20 years. Even if the "cooling" 20 years after the spent fuel, radioactivity is still the average person to accept the limit of 2 billion times, but also the background radiation of about 5 billion times. Thus, the time required for the spent fuel to "cool" to a level similar to that of the background is the end of the earth. For now, human beings can not be man-made and natural disasters caused by the nuclear leakage of effective prevention of pollution, so the Fukushima nuclear disaster is leaking to the world. A country, no matter how advanced technology, the strength of the country is strong, in the case of nuclear leakage pollution can not control the intentional and unintentional proliferation of nuclear pollution. Japan into the water discharge of nuclear contaminated water does not exclude the intentional, but practice, do not save money, but also save time. The Fukushima nuclear power plant residues of total tritium 8 Hao wastewater相关的主题文章: