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Security North America"s ever increasing demand of sliding grille for stores, pharmacies, airports, banks, stadiums, schools, corridors and public access areas due to its superior ability to provide un.promising security against break-ins, theft and vandalism it is the reason Why more and more Architect"s re.mends FoldingSecurityGate.. Sliding Grille. Mounting: Sliding Grilles are mounted on top track and there is no bottom track. The Solid support structure made of either wood, aluminum tubing or steel angles are necessary to mount track. The end Post of sliding grille mounted either left side or right side. The Folding Security Grille can be mounted as a bi-parting grille Stacking Space: Stacking depth and space depend upon total width of side folding grille or the total opening width required being cover. The more width of an opening area the more stacking depth is required. The stacking width generally little bigger than sliding grille panel size. Models: There are various basic option for selection of models "Open Style Design model are made of horizontal and vertical sections of extruded aluminum profiles. They are seeing thru type design and more economical way of securing the space. Following Models are Open Style Design oS-126 oS 12 oS525 "Checker Board Pattern Model sliding grille is made of more solid aluminum in vertical and horizontal section. It is known for its ruggedness. Following Models are Checkerboard Style Design oConcept 66 oConcept 99 oConcept 1212 "Perforated Aluminum panel Insert Model Sliding grille allows airflow, ventilation and highly secured. It does not allow anybody to get their hand through the opening make it most secured sliding and folding grille model. Aeroflex is most popular perforated side folding grille model. "Solid Aluminum Panel Insert sliding grille makes area non see through but provide more security due to .plete metal gate. Global Model is solid aluminum panel folding closure and the most secured way of protecting the area. "Polycarbonate Panel sliding grille is made of toughest lexan engineering plastic. It allows seeing through but does not allow anybody to put their hand through and open the lock. More and more designer are opting to choose Impact Model of Sliding grille. "Tempered Glass Panel folding grille is made of toughest glass to break in. it provides seeing through but does not allow anybody to put their hand through and open the lock. Sliding Closure model Royal is made of Tempered Glass and architect"s most favourable choice. Maximum Width: Sliding grille can be made up to 200 ft opening and any curves or straight opening. Generally for 90 degree curve , 14" radius curve is standard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: