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Real-Estate f you are worried sick that you might lose your home because you can’t meet your mortgage payments then you must act fast. The sooner you face up to this problem, the sooner you can start finding a solution. There are plenty of things that you can do to stop your house from being foreclosed in the face of mounting financial problems. The worst thing you can do when your bank or lender starts calling you and sending notices of late payments, is to ignore them. Rather than going away, the problem will just get worse for you and will quickly devastate your relationship with your bank or lender. They send you notices because they want to know what is happening with you and where you stand financially. Foreclosure is the last thing that lenders want. They do not want your house because these are not liquid assets like cash. Foreclosure also entails additional expenses which would be added to the price of the foreclosed when it goes into auction. Lenders are likely to work with you towards a win-win solution where you get to keep your house and they get to keep you paying. Loan restructuring or modification are two of the most common options to make the monthly payments affordable. There are distinct advantages to these options but each has it’s own requirements and disadvantages too. Find out if there is one just right for your circumstances The chief function of refinancing is for lenders to get lower interest rates and thereby lowering their monthly payments .Lenders can also change the type of loan from variable to fixed rate. If you were one of the many who were lured by the adjustable rate of the once booming real estate industry, you now have rates going through the roof. Even with the slump in real estate value, there may still be equity when you refinance or loan modify. Banks will still refinance using your equity if it’s value is acceptable to the bank. Check the alternative remedy of SHORT SELLING. This is basically asking the lender to allow you to sell your house so they don’t have to foreclose. At least you can stop foreclosure by paying the debt using the proceeds from the sale. The good thing is that your credit report ratings will not be tarnished with a foreclosure report. With this option, you will need to be careful as this is not advantageous if your house has little or no value. The idea is that you sell it and have the money to pay off your debts and still have a bit extra. This way is not so popular since the present real estate plummet. Steer well clear of foreclosure scammers. There’s a lot of them taking advantage of people who are in desperate situations. Always be sure of who you are dealing with. About the Author: David Mills specialises in helping US citizens who are facing financial problems and the threat of foreclosure. Having spent most of my career working within the financial sector I have published a number of books on various subjects relating to mortgage, debt, housing market, bankruptcy, credit debt. My latest ebook "How To Prevent Foreclosure" will set you free from foreclosure plus a free ebook on "Foreclosure Scammers" For more information visit ..how2keepyourhome.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: