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Huang Jinwen: egg production continued to rise in the industry gradually scale Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Chi China commercial data Co., Ltd. CEO Huang Jinwen Sina Financial News September 13th, sponsored by the Dalian commodity exchange, the Ninth China Corn Industry Conference held in Dalian in September 13th. The theme of the conference is "the development opportunities in the market oriented reform of the pro market policy", which will focus on the risk management and development opportunities of the industry in the market-oriented reform of the oil market. Sina futures full live this conference. Huang Jinwen said the northeast, Southeast, Hubei, Hunan, including Guangdong egg production on the rise. On the one hand is the size of the former, three thousand chickens, it is only one hundred thousand, one million, or even millions, industry developed rapidly. Another is the combination of finance, in terms of the current, which is involved in the industry is a large enterprise, as well as more traders in this industry, small and medium farmers are relatively small. Exchanges work together to hatch to cultivate this industry, to give you training, so that SMEs can participate in this market. The following is Huang Jinwen’s speech: Good afternoon, experts, thank you very much for the Dalian Mercantile Exchange, this is the third time to participate in the corn industry conference, recalling the General Assembly morning speech, the name of a problem, we have friends today to see the photos said how color so green, the International Industry Conference, and this is international standards, foreign red or green is green, so money is a very good color. Today, talking about the relationship between eggs and corn, in fact, the industry is mainly due to the decline in corn, compared with last year, the average price fell by about 1 dollars, it is the price of corn, the cost of 1. First I want to tell you about the egg industry, the industry is probably now the annual output value of 350 billion, and the first bird link, including equipment, and is about 100 billion of the output value, and egg laying hens breeding areas, trade, marketing and processing, so add up to about 350 billion. From the egg say we are about 28 million tons of production, said every year we see, the right side of the map, in 90s, when the yield is relatively large. The first is the demographic dividend, relatively speaking, the rapid economic growth, the amount of eggs per capita is growing in recent years, basically a relatively good growth. We look at this industry very much, the farmers raise a little less, but as a professional culture, this is very much, there are tens of thousands, mostly for business households, there are forty or fifty nationalservice, there is a large specialized egg trade trader, there is some deep processing enterprises, deep processing is like the egg white and so on these deep processing products, as well as the moon cake, bread, baking. From the national egg industry distribution, gathered in the eastern part of the densely populated areas. We see is from Heilongjiang, go south, go to Guangdong, the eastern sea, all are farmed, plus China相关的主题文章: