Huang Nubo talk about poetry is dead, like the village of poetry to highlight the new direction of t

Huang Nubo talk about "poetry is dead" like the earth village poetry reveals the new direction of Sohu culture channel Beijing September 11 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) China Poetry Institute of Peking University jointly Chinese Poetry Institute at the Peking University before the basic position of the Hong held seminar of outstanding poets. Chinese Poetry Association, Huang Nubo, in the life, emotion and language homogenization that some people lament the "poetry is dead" today, the poet hung theme conception is a new phenomenon Chinese contemporary poetry. The sky hung Henan poets began writing poetry in 1978, 38 years of writing. The author carries the "poetic dream of earth unification, human Datong", from "global village" from "global village" global village "poems Zagreb poem" to Cambodia before publication of the "earth village light", with his verse closely and human Vientiane world, expresses his love of life. Such as "I love lie in the constellation Hercules chest I love fall third arm in the Milky Way system" ("nature", "small singing) my heart is amplified several times a earth is a open sky is a lying landscape" ("my heart…… "). Critics believe that the Hong "earth poem", opened the day and poetic imagination, dash. Huang Nubo believes that the problem of contemporary Chinese poetry lies in the process of human centered, always said that I, we, do not care about others, do not care about nature, resulting in contemporary poetry without tension characteristics. "Chinese development for 30 years, we are rich quickly, caused our attention can be more rich, do not care for the earth, do not care about the nature, cause our literature, poetry is no art nor vitality. Because when you only care about their own, the homogeneity of the modern life, the homogenization of homogeneity, the homogenization of language, so this is the death of poetry." He said that from this point of view, to see the whole world Hung Hung village poetry, can not help but shine. His writing highlights the new direction, but also shows that Chinese contemporary poetry and poets began to intervene in the relationship between man and nature, this is amazing. So is it possible to consider China’s contemporary poetics from modernism to eco – criticism. Critic Xu Zhongzhi pointed out that in writing, not only poetry and other categories, we now write write conflict to show the contradiction, also has caught the market. But the positive storm works is very small, well written and aesthetic value is very small. As an old saying goes, there’s a lot of positive energy. Even if you say it, you can’t touch me. From such a point of view, to see the sky hung poetry, his efforts are worthy of recognition, the pursuit of a high degree of poetry is tireless. Wu Sijing, a famous critic of poetry, said that the concept of using environmental protection poetry and green poetry alone is not accurate enough, and the poetry of the earth hung over the sky reflects a kind of great mind, that is, the idea of human being. In his poetry, on the one hand, there is a vision of the ideal, on the other hand, the criticism of the reality of the current international and domestic, this critical consciousness is very obvious. At the same time, he set up a set of his own words in his poetry, including the overall idea相关的主题文章: