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Huang Xiaoming attended the conference and Andy Lau did not regret the intimate play Tencent entertainment action comedy blockbuster trump card trick will be released nationwide in October 1st. On the afternoon of September 22nd, the trump card was held in Beijing, everyone is trump card Premiere conference. For the first time Huang Xiaoming and idol Andy Lau co star in the film, even after the shooting stage, but at the press conference, Huang Xiaoming still excited fans like a brother, "complaining" director Jing Wong did not arrange in the opera and idol Andy Lau "intimate drama", shouted regret. Sorry I did not chat large scale details and Andy Lau have "intimate" drama scene chatted about the filming of the movie, Huang Xiaoming said it is his Congyi a drama is the largest scale, the most miserable. "People are fed insects, but also to play with or red rope tied, so in the future, please call me spicy crayfish." Andy Lau "eat bugs, not resigned to playing second fiddle and the man tried to kiss you?" Huang Xiaoming gave back: "the opportunity to kiss you?" Jing Wong is not even bother to give himself a chance to kiss Andy Lau. It seems that the love of the two people killed in the play, in private is to close to the end ah! Dabao was Andy Lau "love" Huang Xiaoming coax do not face the idol has always been ambiguous, Huang Xiaoming instantly become more hardcore fans, said the fate of the two men more than this, "" Shanghai "is the Chinese companies to invest in my brother, at that time it was" love "after brother hua. In front of his brother feel like a child, as he has a feeling of attachment." In the industry ace awards part, because eating video and burst of red network Xiao Man was awarded "the most lovely chowhound ace". The organizers specially selected has the same "award chowhound" title Huang Xiaoming for it, Huang Xiaoming saw a pair of professional positions with Xiao Man came to power, its funny play is unambiguous, two "Xiao" is really very love to meet chowhound. What’s wrong, Huang Xiaoming? Once "black" now "from black"相关的主题文章: