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Hubei, Yangxin: women take care of her husband and mother-in-law and vegetative paralysis Beijing Beijing Beiyang new lake on 9 October, (Jiang Xianping) over the years, Hubei Yangxin County, a 51 year old woman Pan Laixiang, will also take care of her husband and mother-in-law a paralysis. In October 9th, Pan Laixiang said in an interview: "take good care of her mother and husband is my responsibility, this burden is very heavy, but I have to keep walking." Pan Laixiang is a town in Yangxin County under the pagoda village house. In November 2004, the county town of Huangsang agricultural service station serving her husband Xing Hongji had a car accident, severely damaged the brain become "vegetable". Pan Laixiang to her husband to feed her husband because of the driver of the accident to escape, four months of hospital treatment spent all of the savings in the home, but also owe a debt of the bottom of the debt of the. At that time, pan Laixiang 39, surrounded by relatives and friends advised her to leave the house, she refused. She said, her husband advanced in age, paralyzed in bed, and three young children, once they leave ease, the family will completely collapse. Husband after discharge, pan Laixiang resigned from the textile factory to work full-time at home to take care of. Daily meals, a spoon fed to her husband, a meal at least 20 minutes, as long as an hour, sometimes she vomited all over, "I can only patiently, like a child, then clean up after feeding." In order to prevent her husband body atrophy, bedsore, her three times a day turn back rubbing and massage hands for him, after each time, her hands ache, sweating. When the weather is fine, she will take her husband to the wheelchair, pushed out of the house to go for a walk. By the end of 2007, her sudden cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 76, completely paralyzed in bed. Take care of her husband and her mother’s burden, all of a sudden to pan Laixiang shoulder. "I was the backbone of the family, must hold on." Pan Laixiang put her into his room, and his husband, slept in a bed, every day turns to her husband, mother-in-law of feeding, washing, massage. This kind of filial piety in the town, neighbors have thumbs. Take care of her husband and mother-in-law over, pan Laixiang will help to stand in the middle of the night to do the steamed stuffed bun, went out to do part-time housekeeping, pendulum stalls selling fried fried fried rice, a street vendor selling small grocery…… She has its own support one family all expenses. Even suffering from Xi Han syndrome, she refused to be hospitalized, because her husband, her mother is still waiting for me to take care of". Life is bitter, but there is joy in it. For Pan Laixiang, the child is her greatest comfort. Today, the eldest son has graduated from college and take part in the work, my daughter this summer to earn a living while working part-time, while reviewing pubmed. "Look at the three children have made a promise, looking at her husband and her mother can eat and sleep quietly, watching me hold up the house, I have been very satisfied." Pan Laixiang said. (end)相关的主题文章: