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Hunan: " four " " zero wind; illegal " regions or departments; centralized inspection — local leaders — original title: Hunan: " " " four; zero illegal " during the Mid Autumn Festival, focusing on the region or department National Day, Hunan province closely contact variation "the four winds issue, on the illegal to send and receive Moon Cake Festival ceremony, illegal public funds, illegal subsidies, public funds to travel, Gongjusiyong and other outstanding issues, through the continuing pressure, the formation of the correct four winds high-pressure situation. Departments at all levels to carry out intensive supervision and inspection, thorough investigation quickly, giving names bulletin exposure. Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission composed of two inspection groups, conducted a thorough investigation of two institutions, some provincial units of enterprises and institutions, hotels around, found a number of suspected clues to the problem, and asked the relevant units to explain and timely rectification in place. Loudi municipal Party committee issued a notice to highlight problems in 10 aspects on, carry out special supervision and inspection, file for investigation, strict "four winds", Xinhua county Party committee, Bai Xi Zhenyuan Kang Junmei white Creek police station director Liu Weibin illegal to accept an invitation to dinner, two per capita by the party warning, and inform the public of Loudi City Commission for Discipline inspection. Changsha around the Mid Autumn Festival, national day important nodes to carry out supervision and inspection, inspection teams have been organized 820, inspection unit more than 1 thousand and 100, government service window of the 326, found clues about suspected problems of the 26. Luxi County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the joint public security, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments three thorough investigation group, depth 35 units, 9 towns and 13 hotels to carry out supervision and inspection. Before the holiday to send text messages to remind more than 11000. Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will strengthen the supervision and inspection, focusing on the selection of a number of "four winds" problem prone to frequent, comprehensive self-examination, inadequate supervision, especially the emergence of zero violation of the region or department for centralized inspection. Responsibility for the work is not implemented, the measures are not in place, the four winds outstanding issues, the masses strongly reflect the local and units, in accordance with the accountability of the Communist Party of China Regulations serious accountability. (Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection (Wang): wake up, commissioning editor Xu Donger)相关的主题文章: