Hundreds of red pass personnel No. sixty-fifth Jiang Qian returned to surrender-ca1871

Hundreds of red pass personnel No. sixty-fifth Jiang Qian returned to surrender the original title: "100 red pass" Jiang Qian returned to surrender in September 22, 2016, with the support of the central anti-corruption Coordination Group Office of the international pursuit of stolen goods and the Ministry of public security under the guidance by the Hubei provincial Party committee, Wuhan municipal supervision office to coordinate the pursuit, the pursuit of office and public security, the prosecution work, "hundreds of red pass personnel" No. sixty-fifth Jiang Qian voluntarily returned from Canada to surrender. Jiang Qian, male, born in March 5, 1968, Wuhan City Drainage Development Limited demolition Coordination Department of the former minister, suspected of corruption, the crime of breach of privilege, fled to Canada in November 2011, Interpol red warrant number A-3156 5-2012. Hubei Province, Wuhan city attaches great importance to the case in accordance with the work of both ideas and the pursuit ZhuiZang, set up a class to carry out investigation, start the illegal income confiscated program, and Canada to strengthen bilateral law enforcement and judicial cooperation, concentrate all forces, take various measures to promote the pursuit of stolen goods. In legal deterrence, policy influence and family influence, Jiang Qian finally returned to surrender. It is reported that Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court has ruled that the law in December 2015 equivalent to more than 1400 yuan of the money Jiang Qian illegal income shall be confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. (Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection) editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: