Hundreds of veterans to refund the flood line one to postpone the wedding – Sohu Military

Hundreds of veterans to refund the flood line one to postpone the wedding – Sohu military channel flood hit, the disaster is back orders — Yanbian armed detachment of 181 retired veterans return ticket to the flood line "dear, I want to postpone the engagement time, a flood on the line!" The evening of August 31st, has finished up in Jilin Armed Police Corps detachment Yanbian demobilized soldiers ready to pack next day returning to his girlfriend Wang Yingquan, Wen Xinxin hurried to make a telephone call, he rushed into the dark rainy night, rushed to the Tumen city flood line. "Retired can not let me fade, the last time to fulfill the sacred mission of a soldier in the army, to draw to a successful conclusion." Heavy rain, gallop carriers. Wang Yingquan sitting in the car, stroking the camouflage hat, the heart have mixed feelings. Even Japan, by Lionrock, the Tumen River flood encounter not occur even in a hundred years rivers in Tumen City, endangering along the dike. The disaster is an order, Yanbian detachment was ordered to the flood line to. See comrades volunteered, Wang Yingquan in a dilemma: on one side is a major event in life, September 3rd and childhood sweetheart girlfriend engagement, while the duty of duty. After a brief hesitation, Wang Yingquan return ticket, with a guilty call for my girlfriend. Strong winds and heavy rain, roaring waves, Tumen river water level rose rapidly, the situation is extremely critical. The flood brigade arrived at the Tumen River, immediately put rescue. Wang Yingquan first rushed to the dam, in the dark night by the faint light in the flashlight, muddy and slippery on the levee to carry sandbags, splashed with mud soaked clothes, get up, dirty water did not wipe the face of mud, spit mouth, put tight against floods. Like Wang Yingquan, the detachment and 180 veterans invariably return ticket return delayed choice of investment in flood. They form a "veteran flood commandos rushed to the flood line the most dangerous place. Although all removed the rank, but they force the same qualities, strong background. Digging, bagging, carry, building…… Every job is done to become the main force of the rescue was. Hebei Ji Yan Yafei veterans of knee meniscus injury, serious water, he repeatedly asked the leadership of the detachment of dam is removed, but he again slip into the flood fighting team, shoulder, hands, not behind. Veterans rushed in the front, other officers and men are encouraged. More than 500 soldiers broke out Bolang billows fighting passion, "the oath and levee and die" battle cry resounded through the night. The officers and soldiers fighting for more than ten hours, through the night against the 2 floods struck, carrying sandbags more than 10 thousand, building 1 meters high, 500 meters long dike, the successful disposal of danger, to ensure that the Tumen river embankment along the weakest section of the safety.相关的主题文章: